Astro Calendar for May 2024

Hello all,

We are almost at the end of April and a new calendar month is upon us. therefore, I have shared the Astro calendar for May.

How to use the Calendar

Each colour represents a different planet, which can be seen down the left hand side, and I have tried to make it easy as possible to follow.

Signs and Houses

Look at the sign that each planet is in.
On your birth chart look at the house in those signs as these will indicate areas that will be influenced by each sign.

E.g. Venus is in Gemini on May 23rd. On my birth chart Gemini rules my 1st house. Therefore Venus will impact areas ruled by my 1st house such as identity, appearance and new beginnings.

Put it together:
(Planet) is transiting (sign) just now. It is the ruler of my (house number) house. This means that I should aim to bring (planet energies) to my (life areas from house). I can do this by (sign traits).

Venus is transiting Gemini just now. It is the ruler of my 1st house. This means that I should aim to bring love, pleasure and beauty to my identity. I can do this by communicating love for others, dressing in a way that shows confidence and seeking pleasure through socialising and intellectual activities.

This method can be used for all of the transiting planets.

When the Sun enters a new sign, it marks the beginning of a new astrological season.

Daily Rulers

Also look at the planet that rules each day. These are shown across the top.

For example, May 1st is a Wednesday, which is ruled by Mercury. This makes it a great day for writing letters, giving speeches or even just making phone calls.

Mercury would be transiting my 12th house on that date so it would be good for looking inward and perhaps journaling my thoughts and reflections.


Look at the current Moon phase as it can indicate whether to work on things (waxing) or tie things up (waning).The Moons current sign can give an idea of the general “mood” of the day.


When it comes to aspects, they can be split into categories

Positive: trine and sextile. The 2 planets involved want to work together and bring opportunity. E.g. Jupiter sextile Neptune on May 10th could bring luck and expansion(Jupiter) to your creative and spiritual pursuits(Neptune).

Negative: square and opposition. The 2 planets are working against each other. This requires conflict resolution. Eg Mercury square Uranus on May 17th could bring abrupt communication (Mercury) stemming from a need to break away from the norm(Uranus).

Neutral: conjunction. This very much depends on the planets involved. They merge and become 1. Some do this better than others (Saturn, Uranus and Pluto can be tricky). E.g. The Sun conjunct Uranus on May 11th can bring innovation and independence, but also rebellion and superficiality.

I will post each months calendar a few days before it begins.

Feel free to print out and use as you wish. You may have to download it to see it clearly.

I hope you find this useful

Blessed Be



Thank you very much! I have saved it into my photos for printing tomorrow.


Does the timezone affect this calendar?


Yes. It is based on UK time so anywhere with a large time difference from GMT could knock the events over into the next day. It can still act as a general indicator of when events are occuring. You might just have to double check if you live somewhere with a large time difference. Next moth i will try to add times so that it can be adjusted for different time zones.


Ah, okay! I’ll generally read it a day behind then. So for 20 May, I’ll look at 19 May. :smile:


Happy May! :cherry_blossom:

Oh, this is amazing - I’ve bookmarked it to take a deeper look at and reference throughout the month. Thank you so much for taking the time to put the calendar together and share it, Alan, it’s awesome to have on hand!

I hope it will be a wonderful month. So mote it be! :sparkles: