Astrological Forecast WC 27th February 2023

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

A big week for communication this week, as we begin with good vibes from the First Quarter in Gemini and face some difficult energy towards the end of the week with Mercury in Pisces… :sparkles:

First Quarter Moon :astrology_moon: in Gemini :gemini: 27th February 2023 3:05am (ET) 27th February 2023 8:05am (GMT)

First Quarter :first_quarter_moon: is all about :two_hearts: luck :four_leaf_clover: healing and growth and Gemini :gemini: is all about socialising :dancer: creativity, and curiosity :face_with_monocle: This is an excellent time to learn a new topic, study :books: or continue building on plans already started. Spells :magic_wand: for communicating and bonding with loved ones :heart_hands: are favourable now too.

Some of Gemini’s lessons, as an air :air_element: sign, involve communicating :speaking_head: with ourselves and others and opening our minds to new experiences and information. This can be a truly progressive time for our personal and social lives should we choose to use it wisely.

Mercury :astrology_mercury: Enters Pisces :pisces: 2nd March 2023 5:52pm (ET) 2nd March 2023 10:52pm (GMT)

It’s time to check ourselves this transit, as we may find ourselves struggling to communicate when Mercury :astrology_mercury: enters Pisces :pisces: this week. That is because Mercury in Pisces is not only in detriment but also in fall. What does that mean exactly? Well, there are :four: essential dignities of a planet: Domicile, Exaltation, Detriment, and Fall.

A planets Domicile is the zodiac sign in which the planet is considered to be the most comfortable and “at home” :house_with_garden: more commonly known as the sign that it rules. Mercury rules Gemini :gemini: and Virgo :virgo: and so, is in domicile when it is positioned in one of those signs.

A planet is said to be in Detriment (or exile) when it is positioned in the zodiac sign opposite the sign it rules (its domicile). This means it is not comfortable in the sign and operates with the least strength. Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius :sagittarius: and Pisces :pisces:

A planet’s Exaltation is the zodiac sign in which it can achieve its highest potential. It is a harmonious placement. Mercury is exalted in Virgo :virgo:

A Fall is the sign positioned opposite a planet’s sign of exaltation. This is a position of weakness for the planet. Mercury is in fall in Pisces :pisces:

Therefore, during this transit, we may find it difficult to communicate. Pisces is dreamy :thought_balloon: intuitive, and imaginative and this can clash :boom: with Mercury’s logical :bar_chart: and factual nature.

We tend to be more sensitive and impressionable. We may take things to heart :broken_heart: and misread communication from others. We may find ourselves getting overwhelmed and, as a result, needing some time alone. We may struggle to make concrete plans during this cycle.

As a result, it may be a good time to cast a spell :dizzy: for peace :dove: in communications. Mercury enters Pisces when the moon is waxing gibbous :waxing_gibbous_moon: which is perfect for attracting things.

Good luck and Love & Light to all! :heart: :candle: :stonehenge:


Absolutely loving the little astrology lessons within the forecasts- you really load these with helpful and interesting info, Abs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking at everything at play here this sounds like a really good idea. I’ll have to go through the communications spells I have and see if any of them would work well with the waxing gibbous moon this week.

And one more week to go until the Full Moon of March! :full_moon_with_face: :sparkles:

Thanks again, Abs- have a blessed week!


@Abs53 this is literally AMAZING :yellow_heart: I am so grateful for the time and effort you put into these because I am OBSESSED.

love love love :yellow_heart:

—Hazel RAE



Thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry! Every week we have a slower week I’m trying to add in little extra tidbits to help people learn more! :smiley:

March is packed with astrological events, I’m really going to have my work cut out this month :sweat_smile:

@Hazel_Rae You are so welcome :hugs: I’m so happy you’re getting a lot out of the posts, gives me more reason to keep posting! :heart:


This discussion is old news- but keep an eye out for more astrological forecasts from the talented Astrologer Abs!