Attempt af flower arranging

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post share with you my first attempt at areanging flowers for my altar to show that I am still here and floating around in the background.

My altar is very much dedicated to my younger brother who recently passed away and I wanted to add flowers to reflect this:

The main flower is the sunflower. These are always flowers that I’m drawn to and they always put a smile on my face. Spiritually, family and endurance of the relationships most important to us. They are also a symbol of hope and optimism, even in dark times.

I added purple Iris in the background. These symbolise faith and hope for the future but also immortality. The Ancient Egyptians beleived these flowers guided your soul to the afterlife.

Finally I used white gypsophilia to accent the display. Its a sign of hope and ever lasting love.

I felt that the spirtitual meaning of these flowers were apt for their purpose on my altar and think the combination also look pretty together.

Blessed be



That’s beautiful, @Cosmic_Curiosity! I love the gypsophilia with the sunflowers. Very pretty!


Thank you. I always think gypsophilia does a good job in filling the gaps in a flower arrangement.


You’re welcome! It’s really pretty!


@Cosmic_Curiosity It’s so pretty, a very spiritual place :sparkling_heart:


I think that’s a beautiful arrangement of flowers, with special purpose and meaning. You did a wonderful job and I really love the meaning you put behind each of the flowers.

Sunflowers make me feel the same way. They’re always so bright and beautiful, even on dark and gloomy days. :sunflower:


@Cosmic_Curiosity I just love sunflowers and try each year to grow them without avail — I can grow most thing so this is such a mystery to me because I just love them so. Is the gypsophilia similar or same as what we call Baby’s Breath? I love the arrangement - SO NICE!!!


Thank you so much. Yeh gypsophilia is the same as baby’s breath.

I love sunflowers. I grow them every year too. Here are mine at the moment:

Getting a little too hugh for my canes! The middle is just over 13ft!


Wow those are big ones, @Cosmic_Curiosity - we have farmers near me who grown entire fields of them - they are so beautiful and people come from all around - especially NYC to take pics by them - I’ll see if I can get pics for you - mine are NOT this nice, I like yours!!! :sunflower:


@jan_TheGreenWitch Aww we have a place here in Scotland where they grow sunflowers and you can go pick them. I was there a few days ago.


That is a gorgeous display, @Cosmic_Curiosity- you have a real knack for flower arrangements! I particularly love how you used the iris to fan out the back- it gives the arrangement a lot of presence and draws the eye in to the other flowers. Very tastefully designed, and full of such heartfelt meaning too- it’s a really breathtaking piece :sunflower: :heart:

Blessed be!


Those are gorgeous Alan - I really love them they are so happy! I went to the field where the sunflowers grow and the owner told me that they didn’t have a good year, so this is all they have, I can’t believe how different it looks from years past! We have had an enormous amount of rain this year and not much sun. C’est la vie!


Even during a tough season, they look so tall and lovely! :sunflower: :two_hearts:


The pictures you posted are absolutely gorgeous. I love flowers. You did a great job arranging these.


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