Aura & Energy Scanning Thread

I’m just going to write word spells here:

Rise up darkness and sweep up light
For the light blinds
For the light shines not for me

Rise up Mammon,
The mighty dollar,
Walk upon the Earth
& shake her up to Rise as well.

Wonders you can do.
Miracles you can do.

If you’re not supported by $
What can you?
But a few things.

Rise up Sael,
The mighty credit god.
For you can give & take
Away grace.

What are you without a credit card

Everything is simple
Everything is complicated.

It’s all contradictory,
Because for manifestation
You need the Earth for
Inspiration you need the skies.

But who’s the one here that lies?


I like this poem :blush: I know you said it’s a word spell. Do you use it like a chant or in a similar way?


Yes I use my poems as chants. So it does help me.


Awesome! You’re good with your words, that’s for sure.


Poem to infernal gladiators:

You fight with honor
Among yourselves

One bearing the banner
Of the blue
The other The red
& finally the purple

You perfect your tactics
You perfect your game

& going strong
& again & again

You wanna succeed
You wanna wear the laurels of victory.


A paean to Therion:

Your strength
Your power

You desire to descend
To the depths of the
Knowledge of the other side.

You must know:
The danger,
The distance
You must walk.

Your 2nd name Lucifuge,
The one who flees from light.

The one who’s deaf &
Blind & mute & dumb
Only within himself he can come.

‘Tis means the distance must be cut
In half & then again & again
Until to the destination you arrive.

Strange miracles that are
Within nature’s law will come
& not just shams.


This is an extremely dark song expressing decades of personal frustration.

Someone who thinks the gods/nature spirits/others are good & might get offended if someone suggests otherwise shouldn’t read it.

Have a blessed weekend :wink:

An ode to darkness:

Loki prepares his bow,
He has his arrows besides him.
He know he’ll be victorious,

He has no honor:
A thief,
A scoundrel.

Together with Seth,
They rise.

Darkness gathers,
It becomes stronger,
Almost tangible.

Ragnarok is near,
& the gods fate is clear:
The giants shall win,
The world they shall clean.

The gods are arrogant,
& weak.

They cannot stand raw power.
Fenrir is preping his jaws:
The gods’ era is over.

They have taken from men & women too much,
They ask a lot & give too little,
Serious illness mental & physical
They leave as it is.
At least in my book.
For me,
In my life.

Naglfar Sets sail
By demons it’s manned.

At least the forces of darkness
Are honest: they don’t pretend
To be saviors or helpers or messiahs.

They have one aim: raw power, control over
Matter & let energy be damned


Thank you for putting the thoughtful heads up note before your piece- I wasn’t offended at all by your words (although I also don’t work closely with any particular deities atm) and I really enjoyed reading it! :pray:

I studied religions and cultures in uni and I love seeing different portrayals of the divine- I think that is part of connecting with deities, that sometimes their stories become a reflection or connection with the ones who experience them.

This is a really powerful song as it is written- I think it would make an amazing piece when paired with music too! :notes:

Blessed be!


A psalm to the seasons:

Summer comes,
With’s all its glory.
Then the Autumn,
With its folly.

Winter comes,
& frost bites you.
Sprint jumps at you
With the flowers’
Gentle scent.


A hymn to the sunset:

You, the sun.
Go down.
Disappear into the ground.

Hide from me &
From the world.
To be revealed
Next sunrise yet again.

Know not why
I the moon like more
Than you.

And darkness- a comforting
Blanket for me.

Scared to fly too high, as I already
Flown & crashed before.

Broke my head,
Was almost dead,
Became insane
& lost my brain.

In a cave during the day I hide -
Be it work, home or somewhere else.

I don’t feel good, I feel bad
About you sun,
Your cruelty,
Your light that burns.

The Black Sun to me is near
& also dear,
Where the Dark Lords come out to play.


An ode:

My darkness inside calls to the darkness

The shadow is strong
Grabs my head
& pulls it under
Breaks it asunder

No power in light
Only power in darkness.

Chant my prayer
For good luck,
Different formulas

Different ways but one


Hi John,

Here is the typed version of my tarot chakra scan. :slight_smile:

  1. Red- Foundation, ideas & beliefs.
    Six of Pentacles, upright
    Gracious, generous, compassion, spread the wealth

  2. Orange-Emotions, sensations being provoked
    Page of Wands-reversed-protection
    stop and take a look at what is working and what is not working, you can’t move forward until you do so

3.Yellow-Esteem-what is to be valued and honoured
Free from spite and bias, path of action from cause to consequence, responsibility taken, viewing things equally, free from spite and bias
-take a more balanced approach to self

  1. Green- compassion, what needs to be forgiven and loved
    4 of pentacles-reversed-retrograde
    need to relax, let the tension of physical world go, stability is an illusion, don’t hold on to possession etc too tightly, share gifts of time, and talents, let go and be generous

  2. Blue- communication, what message needs to be heard
    10 of cups- upright
    inner peace and awareness is growing, remember family is more than blood, celebrate and be joyful for what you have, there is freedom in recognizing that “happy ever after” only lasts for a short time

6-Indigo- Intuition, What feeling is to be sensed
Sire of Swords- upright
Focus on big picture, act with clarity of mind, be aware of the double-edged sword you wield, e.g. justice/power, watch if you are being too distant and logical, also don’t get sucked into emotions or intuition only

  1. Violet-Divinity, what is to be discovered
    Six of Wands- reversed-mirror
    -do you have difficultly accepting compliments? learn to say thank you. on a different note, a little humility lightends to load, celebrate with gratitude to others who have joint you on your journey or aided in your success

  2. Pot of Gold- the gift
    Six of Cups-upright
    remember the pleasant times of your past, embrace the good times now, treasure old friendships and build new ones, guileless and kind

Oracle Card for reading- confidence- trust yourself, your inner wisdom and your intuition, playing it safe doesn’t aid your personal or spiritual growth. You have many talents, yes, you had a few knocks but that is life. Trust yourself!

I will post pics when I am back on my phone.


The reading is very accurate. The confidence card struck a chord with me.

It’s hard for me to explain it just feels right: problems in the sacral + heart + crown chakras


Hi John,

thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: and no need to explain!

Have a great day.

I really enjoy this thread.


Would anyone else like a reading?

I am appreciating the opportunity to practice. :slight_smile:


I’ll take one if you’re still wanting to practice :blush:


Awesome! Yes, I would still like to practice. :grinning:

I do it this weekend, if not tonight or tomorrow.


@maudot7’s reading.

If she wants she can publish her reaction to the reading.

1 burning skull- desire. Flame. initiative. Highly stressful work environment. Deadlines.

This is the root chakras. Feels overactive to me.

2 the god of rain & thunderstorms: good. Balanced. Committed long term relationship- marriage?

This is the sacral chakra. The root of our material divinity. Feels like you’re a loving mother also. Balanced.

3 two bids: a red & a yellow one. Your solar plexus tied to your root. Very down to earth. practical. A dance. Sometimes too much so.


4 pink & dark blue hues: self love. balance. The heart chakra based on memories. A past you cherish.


5 communications tied to your ancestors a lot of power in speaking. An unbroken chain.


6 3rd eye. Too much illumination. Overactive. Difficulties focusing. Hardship with priorities.

I had the same problem & my shadow work helps me deal with the overblown chakra.

7 connection to the divine. Strong roots in the light source. Strong connection to the universe. Ability to understand the universe & your place in it.


@maudot7 – Thank you! No pressure on what :blush:

@john.knox – Those cards look intense :astonished:


@maudot7’s reading continued:

So I’ll do a partial reading & then complete it when I have my oracle cards:

3rd eye + crown chakra reading:

I see a bright column of light burning,
I see a white stallion with a red mane

The horse seems to make the white light uncomfortable
Like the light is the archangel Michael
& the horse is Lucifer.

Two brothers locked in combat:
Two opposites. You like light,
But conflicted whether its source
Is the sun - Michael or
Venus the morning & evening
Stars- Lucifer