Aura & Energy Scanning Thread

Hi everyone, hope your weekend is going well.

I was thinking starting this thread to practice my clairs & let others do the same.

I’m aware it’s a form of divination/scanning/Clair energy manipulation, but I was thinking this could be a permanent thread.

The only rule is to give back to the poster who scanned you.


All forms of divination are welcome.


I hope you’re having a great weekend! :star2:

What would giving back mean? As in they do a scan/reading for you afterward?


Yes, mutual scanning/divination


So, is anyone up for the challenge?

I’m ready to go 1st…


I can’t do it, I haven’t been able to read for others in person never mind in a distance setting :laughing: I’m still learning though. We have some more experienced members here that may try it out.

I’m just not that confident with my starter abilities to do it & my Celtic Tarot is being moody :joy: I’m resetting & cleansing their energy today. :smiling_face:


It’s fine. You don’t have to.

I just wanna get the ball rolling


Thank you for understanding, but I am curious about how this goes & I may learn a thing or 2! Which is always a welcome occurrence for me.

I hope someone participates, I think it’s a good exercise for those that have made it to where they need to practice their skills. When I am ready to try it out, I will participate! :smiling_face:


But no 1 is joining kinda feel ignored

Like many of my other posts.

Is it because I’m a guy?



I just wanted you to know that I read your posts, but I am an introvert. I haven’t responded because I just don’t know what to say. This happens to me quite often, and I guess, that’s why I mostly just :heart: everything.

Being shy, I don’t do ‘readings’ for people. But I do have a couple of questions for you…

  1. What are your Clairs?
  2. What is Clair energy manipulation?
  3. What do you mean by giving back to the poster?

And a question for me… what could I possibly have that I could give?

My answer…

Love :heart: and light :sparkles:


I’ll go first! What do I need to hear right at this moment?


Ok I’ll go for it @Francisco:

You’re too cerebral: you need to trust your intuition more & to rely less on your book knowledge.

How accurate is this?


This is a fun idea- you are very generous to offer to share your scanning and divination talents, @john.knox! Thank you for your generosity :grinning:

While, like Siofra, I’m not currently at a point in my practice where I draw and read for others (and thus not able to join in out of respect for the rule), I’ll definitely be watching along to observe and learn. And, as Marsha so wonderfully put, sharing love and light as well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (As I imagine others are too- we have some lovely lurkers here who support from the shadows :black_heart:)

Thanks again and many blessings! :sparkles:


I’m not looking for perfection here:
A simple intuitive scan will be enough.

You don’t have to use tools.

I’ve found the best scans are quick shallow 1s.


Hey John! You can read for me if you want and I can return the favor.

Here’s my question for the reading → How can I best embrace the shift that I’m currently feeling?

:sparkles: :heart: :tree_of_life:

I also have a question about what you mentioned – what do you mean by clair energy manipulation? Clairs tend to refer to more psychic abilities and less energy manipulation. Maybe you know something I don’t :blush:

I also want to echo what @Siofra_Strega and @TheTravelWitch_Bry have said – we’ve got a lot of lurkers here and while not everyone may be ready to interact in the forum in general, many people do take the time to read through the forum and see everyone’s responses. Sometimes the forum tends to be fairly slow over the weekend, too :heart: for me, I took the weekend away from all of my electronics and I’m trying to play catch up right now :laughing:


The card says darkness begets lights. I feel like the card suggests to accept your darker side & your shadow & do things step by step & not all at once.

My question is what do I need to do to be successful with in my new romance with Ingrid?


This seems about right with what I’m going through. Thank you! :heart: Also, this is a beautiful card. The way the skull is very detailed but cast in shadow is :pinched_fingers: perfect!

I decided to practice with my ogham stones that I made :blush: For you, I pulled Fern - Alder || Learning Ogham which is heavily connected with guarding those that we care about.


Approach the relationship with caution and don’t get attached too quickly. Sometimes opening up a new relationship with a lot of emotion very fast can inhibit romantic growth and possibly scare people away. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Ingrid is also guarding their heart. There’s a lot of protection going around in this relationship so take it slow, be honest and open, but don’t wear your heart on your sleeve from the beginning (or expect Ingrid to as well). :heart:


@john.knox Thank you, that was good! It actually resonates a lot and it’s good advice.


But this I mean manipulating energy to enhance your Clair senses. I do it all the time


Anyone else up for the challenge I don’t bite


@john.knox I have been sick/away but come online when I can and I am interested in this and I am willing to scan you as well in return for you scanning me.

I want to address the whole “is it b/c I’m a guy” that you put, possibly out of frustration. I’ve noticed in threads that your posts are more ethereal yet deep and at times very sublime and there are times it takes me time and thoughtful consideration to process what you are talking about and where you’re going with each post - I love that we have - as you said ‘guys’ - here and do not personally distinguish gender, but celebrate the diversity in not just the straightforward way gender presents, but also in the different ways I see each practitioner who may fall outside of the mainstream :infinite_roots: Infinite Roots coven member (if there is a mainstream member), how their posts incite thought, different opinions, perspectives I had not considered and a way of communicating that is more straightforward and to the point. So thank you!

My question for your scanning:
Is there anything that I refuse to acknowledge about myself? If so, what is it?