Autumn Leaves for Spell Work?

There are dry crunchy leaves all over the yard right now. I am having the very strong urge to gather and crush them for spellwork. I’m feeling like they could symbolize abundance and bounty in line with the autumn season.

Would this work?


YES! Do it for sure especially if you are called to it!

:maple_leaf:Autumn Leaves - Magical Correspondences :fallen_leaf:

this is just a short list to get you started, all other plants and trees have their own correspondances you can look for and use, or define from how you personally think of them.

:maple_leaf: Maple - love, kindness, wealth.

:fallen_leaf: Oak - protection, fertility, strength.

:maple_leaf: Chestnut - love, longevity.

:fallen_leaf: Hazel - truth, divination.

:maple_leaf: Pine - banishment, exorcism, purification.

:fallen_leaf: Rowan - defense, creation, travel.

:maple_leaf: Paperbark / Birch - exorcism, protection, and purification.

:fallen_leaf: Cedar - healing, psychic abilities, purification.

:maple_leaf: Apple - banishment, fertility, healing, love.



Thank you! I’m excited!


Ohh you could even crush them up, do an abundance working with them, and put them back. Fallen leaves are great for soil composition once they start to decompose. Or even just take a few leaves, write some intentions on them with a biodegradable ink (something that will decompose like lemon juice or ink made from berries) and let them decompose and go back to Earth :earth_africa:


Omg I love that idea!


Give in to the urge! Crunch those autumn leaves! :joy::fallen_leaf:

I am loving the suggestions by Jan and Megan- in addition to what they’ve shared, you could grind up leaves and use the powder in any seasonal spell jar or witch bottle :jar: :sparkles: You could also dry the leaves to keep for spellwork in other months too :+1:

Good luck and I hope you can find some wonderful fun ways to use your pretty leaves! Blessed be and happy spellwork, Chelsie! :maple_leaf:


I have done this with leaves! Older video but still works well! Leaf it! - YouTube


Thank you for posting this!! I’ve printed it out and will be pasting it into my book. I have been mildly obsessed with the fallen leaves! They are exceptionally gorgeous this year.


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