Avocados, Green Gold?

AKA The Green GOLD.
Avocado is delicious, is nutritious and versatile.
You can make tea with the shell or chop the seed, apparently far better than the flesh, but takes me a while to get uses to taste.
Plantations need staggering amounts of water.
Gets worse:
Big companies take most of the water, leaving to small families the scraps.

Global footprint is another issue.

Thieves ride plantations and markets to sell it in the black market.
Recently seen people and business going bonkers about avocados or aguacates.
Whole list of sandwiches made with avocado.

Humans are good at marketing goods, people love to it an price goes up.
Suddenly loose interest and price plummets.
Worthless avocado ends in the skip.
Waste of resources, but small farmers suffer the heaviest downfall.


I feel like such a fraud but I just do not like the taste of avocados :avocado:

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I agree!
I do not like the taste of nettles, jet it has wonderful properties.
It is not just the avocado, is all the common foods that one day someone raises as the Messiah praying the wonderful properties of such staple in the name of marketing.
And humans find difficult no to fall for it!
Taking about brainwashing, we are so shallow.
And we love our addictions too.
Here comes the devil card.
We all fear it,but it remind us that we are only bound by our own whims😂

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Oh I’m very aware of my shallow nature and addictions. I’m trying now to work past that in my shadow work. Identifying it is a rather easy step for me I’ve found but then doing something is not

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You’re a beautiful soul in search of answers.

You are not shallow, otherwise wouldn’t be here with us.

Leave that label to poor souls that have not woke up yet.


I have the power to better myself and leave addictions behind, question is…Do I want to?
It is not a race, it’s when we are ready!
And that’s matter if we never win the race?
I rather be a tortoise than a hare.

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You are most wise~thank you for sharing your thoughts

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I know nothing, just learning to share what interests me.
Need to learn how to bring my Ego down.
In numerology I have a karma debt to pay in this life.
Please, all of you remind me if ever say something inappropriate.
I don’t do it on purpose, it comes out naturally.
It’s nice to find at the other end someone that listen and cares.
Thank you

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