Baby witch finding her way!

Growing up… and now… adulthood I had many traumatic situations which caused me to erase a lot of my memories. I do remember however having a fascination with Wicca and witchcraft at an early age. I remember feeling some kind of connection. Having experiences or feelings that I couldn’t really describe because it wasn’t really talked about at that time. All I ever heard was black magic and how bad it was and what it can bring. I knew “the wicked witch of the west” in the wizard of oz” or the very little we was taught in school about salem. Especially being in an Christian family that was not real. Only GOD was real. Although I always had different feelings and outlooks on religion, I never connected with any of what I was taught. I seen the bigger picture. My family did not.
Over years I still had some kind of connection with the spiritual world. I felt I had a few different spiritual calling to guide me to this path. Finally my third eye opened after being in an emotional and mentally unstable toxic relationship. Again I have found myself back here trying to find my place . I started with tarot. And now I’m learning crystals and herbs. And I came across this app. I feelj so excited to take this journey with people like me. I’m ready to embrace what I have been missing all this time. Any advice I love. Thank you you hearing my story. Can’t wait to see what is next In my spiritual journey!!! Blessings to all🤍


Welcome Home! You have found your way to an amazing community! I’m in Harpers Ferry, WV, and I’m eclectic.


@cierra1 Welcome! It sounds like you’ve had to work through a lot to get here, I am sorry. It is good to be finding the right path for yourself! I am very new to witchcraft also. I probably can’t give much advice but I am happy to learn along with you. There is so much here to learn! So nice to meet you. :slightly_smiling_face: :star:


I’ve been practicing for less than a year, and have only been here about 8 months. Check out the Spells8 courses for a fast education. I also check the forum daily. Between the challenges and reading about others experiences, it has really accelerated my learning.


Welcome @cierra1, thank you for sharing your story with us! I’m happy that you found your way here & everyone will be very friendly & supportive of your path. I am Siofra from Cape Cod, also an Eclectic Witch here that leans heavily towards a Celtic path, but I draw from many places, ideas, etc. I work with Brighid :triquetra: a Celtic Goddess regularly, well, daily.

The courses are a great place to start as @Undomeher mentioned. There’s a little bit of everything & the section is continually being updated. There is a Tarot course, Green Witch/Herb courses, between the site & the forum the amount of crystal information & practitioners continually grow, so feel free to ask any questions & someone will get back to you & get you pointed in the right direction.

@Amethyst has written a poem for each of the cards in a tarot deck: :flower_playing_cards: Tarot Poems by The Gifted and Talented Kasie they include the Major & Minor Arcana.

Tomorrow a new Weekly Challenge starts, those are really fun & a good way to meet other people in the forum & get an idea of doing the challenges in a way that feels right to you. They are open to interpretation for how you participate & at the end, you receive a badge for your entry.

Thursday there is a (Group Ritual - Apr 14) :dollar: Thursday Money Magick that you can join whenever you have time throughout the day. Another great way to talk to other members. You don’t have to use tea, you can use whichever beverage you choose.

I look forward to speaking with you in the forum! :infinite_roots:


Welcome @cierra1 ! I am so glad you are here. Thank you for sharing your story. You are in a safe space here and will learn so much! I am so glad you can live authentically now.


Merry meet @cierra1 :magic_wand: I’m so glad you have found us. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Welcome home!


Hi @cierra1! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

So glad you looked past appearances and found us here! Thank you for sharing your story, clicking on the app must have been very brave of you. I too would point you to the courses section. I myself am going through the Runes now and they’re just lovely bits of information.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will pop up to help you out. I look forward to getting to know you better!


Merry meet @cierra1,

It sounds like it has been a tough road for you- I’m sorry for the hardships you had to endure, but I am grateful you were able to pull through and find your way here. The forum is very blessed to have you! :heart::infinite_roots:

Tarot, crystals, and herbs- hooray! :sparkles: Sounds like you have some wonderful areas of magickal interest :blush: All three of them are pretty popular around here- feel free to use the Tag System and the Search Function to quickly sort content and find discussions about what you want to learn more about it. There are a lot of resources on both the main site and here in the forum and they are all here for you to use and learn from as you’d like! :raised_hands:

Please make yourself at home here, Cierra. Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you everyone :white_heart::white_heart: I’m excited to take this journey with all of u. So blessed to have found spells8. I have finished the course 1 and I’ve learned so much already!! So much I can relate to.


Congrats on finishing the first course! That’s great! :partying_face:


Congrats, @cierra1! :partying_face: Great work with finishing the course- you’re off to a great start! May you continue to enjoy your journey of learning :heart::books:


Congratulations on finishing the first course! I hope your continued studies encourage you to learn more about your practice. I hope you continue to learn & more things make sense to you as you go along.


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