Baby Witch…

Hello Everyone, I’m new to craft but have always been drawn to Nature! I absolutely love every living and non living thing pertaining to Nature. Unfortunately, taught from a small child craft of any sort was evil, no one should be meddling with it. Either way that hasn’t stopped me being drawn to nature or craft so the last 6 months I have been consumed with learning, researching and meditation. I’m so excited to be here, learn more, meet new people and find my true self!
Sending positive energy to everyone… from Kentucky!


Merry meet and welcome home :infinite_roots: @shelly3

I am Marsha, an eclectic solitary witch from Colorado, and I love nature too. And sadly, I was also taught that 'craft of any sort was evil!

Have you found the courses? That’s a great place to start. If you have any questions, just ask Q&A Everyone’s friendly and helpful here so I’m sure you will love it here.

I am so glad you have joined us and I am looking forward to getting to know you better!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always

P.S. I love your profile picture! Beautiful!


Welcome @shelly3! Are so happy to have you here! My name is Ailey and I live in Georgia. You are definitely in the right place for learning, researching, and growing! Someone here will have the answer to any of your questions, so don’t be shy and ask away!

I grew up Catholic so the craft was definitely off-limits to, but since I’ve started learning and practicing myself I finally feel whole and complete. Plus I still have so much to learn. The Journee is still new and exciting and I suspect it will be for quite some time!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


Hi @shelly3! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum. :infinite_roots:

First of all, lovely picture you’re using! I love purple flowers. LOL!

We’re glad you’re here. I second going through the courses, they’ll help you out! There’s even a green witch course that should be right up your alley.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will pop up to help you out. I look forward to getting to know you better!


Welcome! I am yet another person who was raised in a religion (Mormon) that said all things occult / new age were ‘evil’. But when you have that inner calling, nothing can stop it. Not even the broom closet. :broom:

Like others have said, the lessons on the website are GREAT! I hope you can start looking through things. There is so much to learn, take it slow! Focus on what calls your heart the most. We’re all here for you when you need us!


Merry meet @shelly3,

Welcome to the forum! :blush:

I think it is wonderful that you are pursuing your love and appreciation for nature. I can never wrap my head around how anyone could think working with nature and life energy could ever be “evil”? :sweat_smile: Green magick is a really beautiful thing and helps nurture our connection with the world around us- may your studies continue to thrive and bring you joy! :tree_of_life: :green_heart:

I know Marsha shared the link to the courses, have you seen the Green Witch and Herbalism Course? It’s a favorite of mine- I recommend taking a peek if you haven’t already seen it! :herb:

Please make yourself at home here and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hello @shelly3 and welcome! I am a green witch and love herbs, the forest, and water magic. I have a big garden, 2 dogs :dog: :dog: and a Cat :cat:. I have a partner and 5 kids and I live in New England by way of Texas, Okla. and Florida. I second @TheTravelWitch_Bry’s suggestion to try the Green Witch and Herbalism Course. Also @marsha’s links!! There’s a ton to learn in the forum, the classes and from everybody here and I look forward to getting to know you!! :purple_heart::green_heart:


@shelly3 oh honey u have definitely found the right place then. No judgements here.

As for your comment about everything was evil. That hit home with me, as i heard that my whole life. And even when i came out to my dad, who told me i was going to burn in hell for being a witch.

Welcome home


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