Back to School Witchcraft 📚

It’s time for back to school witchcraft! August is here and that’s the start of back-to-school season here in the US. As a mom and witch, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate witchcraft into our home lives. With school starting, what better way to make the school year more magickal than with a bit of witchcraft!


Wow, I can’t believe it’s already time for back to school! :astonished: I used to count how many days of summer were left, but I guess I’ve really been disconnected with the school cycle since I graduated from uni :joy:

Thanks for this lovely video, @MeganB! :heart: Wishing a very blessed return to school for all those returning (and all the mums and caretakers helping them on their way!), and a very exciting almost-fall to all! :maple_leaf: :grin: :jack_o_lantern: :fallen_leaf:


What a great idea! My kids start on the 5th of September and they’re already stressing! I don’t blame them because we don’t know if they’re physically going or it’s another Zoom school. My oldest is stressing about waking up early! That’s all!! My daughter just pops up like a pop tart and is a blessing!


@TheTravelWitch Literally the only reason I even know when it’s time for school is because I have a child :laughing: otherwise I wouldn’t think twice about it. She’s excited for school and I’m excited for fall and spooky season :jack_o_lantern:

@christina4 I was stressing about the physical or virtual aspect of it there for a minute. They have both options but my daughter does not do well with virtual school at all. So, she’s going back physically. Up until a few days ago, masks were optional for everyone. We just got word that they’re now requiring everyone to wear masks again but to follow Gov. DeSantis’ order, the county has to allow parents to opt their kids out of it. They have to fill out paperwork and everything :woman_shrugging:t3: I hope it doesn’t become an issue. My kid will be wearing a mask regardless :mask: