Bad luck?!

So i was always told if you break a mirror that you get 7 years of bad luck, and just today I accidentally broke my mom’s mirror. She said its just superstition and you only get bad luck if that’s what you believe you will get. So i don’t really know how to feel, or if there is anything i can do to make sure i don’t get bad luck for 7 years. Is there any ritual or spell I can use or make to either prevent bad luck, or get rid of any that i may have attracted?


Counter act with a good luck spell just incase have a anti hex spell and a curse braker spell on hand

You will be fine
It was a accident it was not your intentions
So no worries just don’t think about the bad luck part cause your not trying to manifest anything bad

You dont have any bad luck to worry about


What he said :arrow_up:


@patricia2 I would not worry about bad luck from a broken mirror! If it makes you feel better there are lots of good luck spells on the spells8 home. We make our own luck :wink::heart::blush:


Hi @patricia2,

Just popping in to second (third? fourth? :joy:) what everyone else has already said. In my personal experience, breaking a mirror does not cause any bad luck on its own- but if someone strongly believes that they are “cursed”, then they will most definitely experience bad luck.

Some may call it a “self-fulfilling prophecy” or the Law of Attraction or even the placebo effect- I call it the magick of setting your intention. When someone is focusing on bad things happening, they really do tend to happen (unfortunately)!

That being said, I know it can be tricky to guide the mind away from hyperfixating on bad or upsetting things. A great way to help lead thoughts towards positivity is to do positive spellwork- like others said, casting a good luck spell! This not only brings good luck into your life and your space, it helps reassure your mind that everything is okay.

Here are a few in the Good Luck Spell Collection if you’re interested!

Blessed be :sparkles:


I was raised with every superstition on the market. Don’t cross on the stairs, never cross knives, no umbrella open indoors (how’s it going to dry? It rains 24/7 here!:rofl:) etc etc etc (although the don’t walk under a ladder is a good one, you may get paint on your head :partying_face:).

So I follow The Three Principles. Most of our thinking patterns are over complicated, so the Three Principles are: Mind Thought and Consciousness

Basically life happens through us, not to us. As @BryWisteria said, most of what we think is a projection so if we think bad luck, we get bad luck. So instead of telling your inner self, “I’m going to have 7 years bad luck because I broke a mirror” You tell yourself, “the mirror is just glass, I control my life, it is positive”, (just an example). Your inner self is running a narrative of who you are based of your life experiences and upbringing and cultural influences, so we need to retrain it to say who we want to be, who we say we are.

So each day, in meditation, nothing fancy, just tap on your wrist pulse point with your opposite hand fingers, and say I am lucky, I am fortunate, I am strong. Keep doing just 5 minutes each day, and eventually you’ll break another mirror (I’ve broke tons), and it won’t bother you at all.



I want to thank everyone for being so helpful and non judgmental. I am definitely going to follow all of your advice and keep my intentions and thought patterns positive. I am also going to try that meditation that @tracyS said to try and one of the spells that i found on the page @BryWisteria shared.


Awesome! Wishing you all the best with the mediation and any spells you choose to try- may you be blessed be positivity and good things for the next seven years and many more to come! :raised_hands: :blush:

Blessed be, Patricia!


@patricia2 it only happens that you believe, get the bad luck out of your mind and everything will be great!