Bad thing happened 😭

Hi everyone, hope everyone doing well.

I have been so stressful last 2 days that i frauded my money to website that earn money.

Someone contacted me by WhatsApp and said, they would like to hire me to make job. Its a part time job.

The task is quite simple like i register into that website.and lady who hire me help me to start the task ( its must start with 100$ minimum). First investment was 32$ which okay for me. I did this during 3 days and i got commission 30$ from each 3 tasks. And after complete, i can withdraw my money to my account. So i was very believed. But 4th day they ask me that i got combo shot, its increase 5 times commission and its very luck thing and froze my account’s activity & and said, you should pay 500$. I believed and i deposit right away then after 4-5 click they did again and ask 1950$ i already invested 500$ and i asked from customer service but they said, im so lucky to confront with double combo. Oh my god, i wasnt sure, but i believed them again. And then same thing happened again ask 500$ . I totally disagreed, but they said this last one. System do maximum 3 times big combo. I havent believe and afraid to lose again. total i lost over 2000$ for nothing. The lady who hired me, she persuadied me to do. Im very very upset and went to police station. Police in Thailand not really helpful, especially if im not speak thai as my husband said. From this case, i felt that i lost my energy and i feeling many negative energy covering my whole body & heavy. Then today afternoon i just light up black candle and spelling to help me to release all these bad energy and feelings from me and protect me.
But after spelling my candle burned very fast and dripping lot of wax. I read from google about meaning, there have information but i havent found right explanation. During the spelling, i said, this police man help me to return my money. Because they said, they will investigate about account that i transfered money. And freeze their account. I hope i will return my money back. I wish if someone can do tarot reading, please kindly check my status. The problem is i borrowed money from my friends. I know, im so stupid :sob:


I’m so sorry this happened to you. @MeganB is our tarot expert. She runs a weekly post called Weekend Divination, it’s normally up on a Friday so look out for it.

Sending hugs. :hugs::sparkling_heart:


Sorry your going through this. There are a lot of scammers out there. I suggest a cleansing ritual bath.


Hi @Luna15,

Goodness, I’m so sorry to hear it- scammers are horrible :angry: It’s good that the police are investigating- I hope things go well and that somehow they will be able to get your money back to you :pray:

Have you come across the Wax Reading Guide by any chance? There are some tips there about things to look for while the candle is burning and right when it goes out that might be helpful for you. I’ll leave the link here:

As for the wax picture you shared, a few things came to mind when I saw it.


There are two very clear and beautifully defined crescent moons (outlined in yellow). Moons traditionally symbolize illusions and dreams, while the crescent moon symbolizes movement and change- as there is currently a waning crescent moon in the sky, I would read this as a sign of decrease.

→ I think what happened here was a wake-up call for you, Luna- a curtain has been pulled back and you are seeing the truth. Although what happened is very unfortunate, illusions are fading away and you will be able to see things with more clarity next time.

I also saw a fetus (outlines in white), which could be a sign that you or someone close to you is pregnant, but is more likely to be a symbolic sign- the sign of something new, a possibility beginning to develop.

→ Relating this back to the case, I would read the fetus to be a small possibility that the money can be found and potentially returned, but it is really just a possibility right now. There is no guarantee that it will develop.

Just sharing a few thoughts that came to mind when I saw the wax!

If I can offer a friendly suggestion for spellwork, I would recommend looking into spells for justice and spells for wish-granting at this time. You could also consider some protective spells to prevent anything like this happening again :shield: :sparkles:

Whatever you choose to do, I’m wishing you all the best, Luna- blessed be!


This is just beautiful. Thank you for your clarify the wax. I was thing that wax, may be the angel with wings because i never read the was before. Scammers everywhere. I wish this kind of bad things will be away from you. You are so kind. Thank you so much for your help. Very appreciating :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:


Thank you so much, i will do tonight :pray:


Seeing an angel is a lovely sign to see- perhaps this was a message from a guardian angel! :angel: :sparkles: Someone watching over you may have done their best to minimize the damage or prevent something worse from happening, perhaps to show a life lesson or for another greater purpose. We can only ever guess at what goes through the minds of the divine, after all.

If there is a guardian angel above you, may they continue to watch over you with love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s my pleasure, Luna- I’m happy if I could help :heart: :hugs:

Blessed be!


@Luna15 , I also saw the angel, but I noticed something slightly different. @BryWisteria saw an embryo. The embryo’s feet looked to me like a hand holding a ring.

Can I tell you a story?

Long ago, when my grandmother was a child, carousels came with a brass ring. People riding the carousel were encouraged to reach for the ring to get a prize. Competitors would have to lean way out to reach the ring, and there was always a chance of falling and getting hurt(which is why they don’t have rings anymore).

Might I suggest there is a message that you tried your best, even though the company was a scam. This is not all your fault: bad people make risky things seem like a good idea. Now you are wiser and can avoid such dangers. Keep learning and growing, keep taking risks, but be more careful, next time.:rose::heartpulse:


Thank you so much for sharing story. I will be more careful next time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m sure something similar just happened to me. Sorry that this happened to you. Shame on all scammers! Shame!


Omg, im feeling how ur day ran. Hope the karma catch them as soon as possible to bring back them to their place whose belongs into.
Now im hard working to find money to back to give my friends that borrrowed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it has been huge lesson for me


Hello may i ask how did you crarify the shape with lines? Did you use any app to find out the shape, i would like to read another shape of wax .

I lost my young brother just 3 days ago, i asked candle to burn leave the shape if he wish to say something for me. Black candles always burn very fast than other 2 candles…then i saw this shape. I seeing his body but near by his head has something . He believe shaman , i also do. This shape something like that no ways exist in real world


I am seeing half a mask, a leaf, a head and arm- possibly writing, a money bag. Early morning imagination doesn’t make much sense to me at the moment. What does everyone else see?


I’ll just jump in here - I think @BryWisteria uses the drawing app or something similar to outline the shapes she sees. I’m not very good at reading candle wax (or anything that requires finding shapes and things like this lol) but I can give it a shot!

In yellow, I see a raised fist. In the orange, I see a pointing finger. Outlined in green, I see this as either a leaf or the flame of a candle. I have no clue what they mean, but that’s what I see :joy:


Hi @Luna15,

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother :people_hugging: My heart goes out to you in your time of mourning. Sending hugs and love from afar :candle: :heart:

Megan was right on- I just use a generic drawing tool (photo editing tool) on my desktop to manually draw the shapes that I see! :writing_hand:

Wax reading isn’t a type of divination I do often, but I’m a huge fan of Tasseography (Tea Leaf Readings)- it’s a different medium, but a similar form of divination that involves seeing shapes to interpret.

Georgia and Megan both kindly shared interpretations of the wax- they’ve put some wonderful ideas and symbol readings on the table, so I don’t have much more to add.

Having said that, tere was one thing that immediately jumped out to me when I saw the picture- which is this:

It looks like two people hugging :people_hugging: . Perhaps, since this candle spell was done to communicate with the spirit of your brother, he is sending you love and a hug from the other side. Just my personal vision and thoughts on it!

With the symbols shared, I would warmly encourage you to study the shapes and listen to anything your intuition tells you- trust your intuition, my friend! This candle spell was your beautiful magick and any messages to be found were meant for your eyes and ears :blush:

Much love and many blessings to you!


@Luna15 : I am sorry for your loss. Building on what @BryWisteria and @georgia see, I see the half mask (to me it it may be half because you have lost your other half in your brother); I see the arm and a palm up (to me presenting something); I feel the hugging image @BryWisteria outlined may be what is being presented. If I were to interpret it, I would say --although you’ve felt loss and separation on one level; know and embrace the togetherness that exists between you and your brother on another. [Remember, the “best” interpretation is the one you see and that resonates from your heart]. Please take good care of yourself!


@Luna15 I’m so sorry for the loss of you’re brother :cry:

I love the interpretation @BryWisteria gave you :heart::people_hugging: Hopefully this helps bring you some peace!

Have you thought about an ancestor altar or even just communicating with your brother? My mom has been gone almost 4 years. I talk to her a lot and she sends me messages. I also set up an ancestor altar to honor my mom and my family. It makes me feel close to the ones I’ve loved and lost. :heart::people_hugging: