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It’s me again, back with more questions. Well, more like searching for more suggestions. Lately I feel like the environment I’m in has been attracting a ton of negative energies, and those of you who had seen my last post that I made will understand better but I’m wondering how to best deal with the heaviness that seems to be surrounding me. I’m super stressed about starting a new job next week (that just threw us a real curveball by telling me they’d like me to be in the office all week and stay at a hotel for the duration), my husband hasn’t been the most pleasant individual to be around but so far I’ve managed to keep the peace there, and overall I just feel sad and negative but I also understand that I could be attracting those things to me from my own vibration. So anyway, I think my entire house (the whole property even) needs like a spiritual deep clean/negativity banishing/protection but I’m not certain the best way to go about this. I thought burning incense in each room, placing salt on the doorways/windows, and perhaps a ritual bath for myself but does anyone have any other ideas?


Hey Brandy :heart:

First, I want to be the first person to tell you that I DO NOT believe your “vibe” is attracting negativity and sadness. This places all the blame on you when, if I remember correctly from previous posts, you are actually going through quite a lot. It is only natural that you feel some sort of heaviness, sadness, and negativity with everything you’re dealing with. You do not attract the sadness and negativity to you.

One of the first things I would recommend doing (if you aren’t doing it already) is seeking professional help from a therapist or medical health professional. I know you’re currently dealing with a few heavy things and getting help from a counselor, therapist, or other support system can help lighten that load and make things more clear for you.

Once you have those bases covered, the next thing I would recommend is giving your house and yourself a good cleanse. Start with yourself first. Take a cleansing bath or shower, use some smoke, whatever you generally do during your cleansings. When you’re done, put on some form of protection. This can be a piece of protective jewelry, a charm in your skincare routine, a sigil drawn on your skin with lotion, etc.

Then go around and clean your house. Yes, I mean actually, physically clean. This is the first step in performing a full house cleanse. Your house should be as clean as you can manage. This helps get rid of stagnation and it leaves less places for random energy to hide. During the process of cleaning your home, add in some cleansing techniques. Wipe down your counters with a mixture of vinegar and water while saying a chant and visualizing the energy being cleansed away and neutralized. Sweep your floor from back to front and visualize the energy being pushed out of your door. Create a floor wash with the intention of cleansing negativity and inviting in happiness and peace.

When you’re done with your cleansings, light a nice candle and incense, play some good music, and do something that makes you happy!

I have some links for you to check out, too, that will be helpful. Let me grab them! :blush: Note: I’m on my phone but I can grab some more when I get on my computer.

These should be good to get you started!


@MeganB thank you so much!! And yes, I definitely understand the value of professional help as well which is also in progress. I have an appointment with my therapist lined up as well as various other points of contact through the VA in terms of the issues within my marriage. I just need any extra boosts I can get as well if you know what I mean lol.


You’re very welcome! :sparkles: I definitely understand what you mean lol and I’m glad you’ve already got the mundane tasks checked off the list. Those are just as important!

I’ve even got a ward recipe around here somewhere that you can use on your doors and windows to help keep any negativity out.

Here’s the post on Spells8…

And here’s the video from my YouTube channel…

Try this, too, and see if it helps!


I listen to Woke Nation a lot on YouTube, they have music set to certain frequencies for healing and getting rid of negative energies. It’s very nice, soft, instrumental music so you can turn it up and listen to it as you go about clearing your house.

Hope that helps you!


There are several things on Spells8 that might help.

And many more
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