**Banishing a ghost**


A thousand lifetimes ago, you stole me away.
And I became your wife even though I was only 14.
We came to love each other but our time was short
I died giving you a son.

And in a thousand lifetimes our love was bittersweet
It would seem that happily ever after escaped us.
Again and again, we met, but our love never succeeded.
You died or I did, but we never had forever.

In this life, we were so very young when we met.
How could it have worked, we were barely more than children.
After we parted, I thought my heart was broken.
But life went on and so did I.

I met a good, kind man and married him.
We have been married and in love for almost 50 years.
Now you’re here asking me to, what?
Leave him and run away with you?

You’re too toxic for me to survive you again.
Get back in your car, drive away, and don’t look back.
As I watched as your tail lights disappeared.
Life after life, love always escaped me.

I felt someone behind me. I turned to look
and there was his beloved, handsome face.
He held out his hand to me and as I’ve done for the
last half-century, I put my hand and heart into his hand.

He is my happy ever after.



My Sister Witch Garnet, you are an amazing person. As I was reading this, chaos was circling all around me tonight, and I heard nothing but the words you wrote. I felt like I Astro Projected to liminal space and was there reading your words, feeling your love for this wonderful man of yours. Thank you for my “time out” that was desperately needed for me tonight… :revolving_hearts: :100:% :woman_mage:t4:


Don’t mind me just reaching for a tissue :face_holding_back_tears:

Garnet!!! You had me opening up this thread ready to dive into some kind of banishing ritual, when surprise! It’s heartwrenching poetry that leaves you breathless. Gosh, I wasn’t ready :laughing:

Absolutely gorgeous as always :people_hugging: :heart:


@Garnet this is so beautiful! I love the emotion you put into each word. Thank you for sharing this well put poem!


@Garnet that gave me goosebumps!


The words you have shared are magic, my dear. Thank you. I’m glad you got your happy ever after.


I’m so glad you have him, Garnet :heart: Your words are beautiful, as always!


Very beautiful post. I get it and know it well as i have been taught through teachings in the Ros Tau about the 14 previous lives we lived, and the memories of these lifes that we carry in our DNA, That we can view to reflect on though the annimus we carry in our bodies that we access though Gnossis. I know this soumds like the video game and movie assasins’s creed but it is the teachings that spawned the games. The teachings came first and the games and movies were to cause a global awakening. Please don’t ask how i know as it cannot be explained by simple messages. Congradulations on your happilly ever after.


Beautiful! @Garnet :heart:


I always thought you got 7 lives (Jeeze, cats got 9!). And felt this was my last life. Yay me!
After much reading, I found that there are as many as there are. All I can say is poop: :disappointed_relieved:
Oh well, live and learn.


i did a meditation in my Rosicrucian teachings, that was guided and recorded from within the kings chamber of giza. I saw myself and my lives, across time, as a slave, a pirate,a barabian, a mayan priest, a pilgrim in the east (not the mayflower kind) a Knight Templar and a God . and so on and in places ive never been and no photos or paintings exist. It was incredible. I got to a good Gnosis first put noise canceling headphones on and my mind fold blackout mask on . I kept my eyes open, somthing happens when your eyes are open but zero light can reach them the universe opens, hard to explain but its the un teachable knowledge how time and space are illussionary time is not linear but cyclur, thats why history can repeat itself . it bends the mind what can be seen and that is not divulging any secrets of the rose cross that was just the experance i was granted. I also had missing time 14 hours thats my experiance with past lives


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