Banishing Ritual

A banishing spell is a spell used to drive away or ward off evil spirits, demons, or other unwanted entities, people, or poor habits.

The purpose of a banishing spell is to cleanse an area or person of negative energy, making it safe and habitable for positive energy to flourish.

There are many different ways to perform a banishing spell, but the most important thing is that the spell is performed with intention.

The words and actions used in the spell should be those that have meaning to the caster, and that will resonate with the desired effect.

One of the most basic banishing spells is the Purification Spell.

This spell can be used to cleanse an area or person of negative energy, and is often used as the first step in more complex spellwork.

To perform the Purification Spell, you will need:

-A white candle
-A bowl of water
-A sprig of rosemary
-A quartz crystal

Begin by casting a circle around yourself, or the area you wish to cleanse. I like to light an incense stick and place it in my power hand (dominant hand) while holding it straight out in front of me I walk clockwise in a circle.

Light the white candle and hold the quartz crystal in your hand. Recite the following words:

ā€œI purify this space with the light of truth.
*I banish all negativity with the power of love. *
I surround myself with positive energy,
And fill this space with the highest good.ā€

As you recite the words of the spell, visualize the negative energy being drawn out of the space or person and into the quartz crystal. When you have finished speaking, place the crystal in the bowl of water.

Allow the candle to burn out on its own, and then dispose of the water down the drain.

For extra oomph, dress the white candle. Also, Iā€™d like to add - please be MINDFUL and CAREFUL with herbs that you handle/burn ā€“ some, even though have the intention you desire, may be harmful and even fatal if handled improperly.


It always makes me happy when I see a spell that I already have all of the ingredients for! :laughing:

This is a beautiful purification spell and banishing dressing oil- thank you for sharing, @Silverbear! :heart: :candle: