Basil money spell question

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My mom has done a basil money attraction spell. @MeganB @TheTravelWitch @Undomeher

She is looking to know what to do with the money in the box and the content of the box after the 28 days mentioned in the steps.

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Hi there @SingingWitch :wave:t3:

I’m going to assume you’re speaking about this spell →

If I’m wrong, please let me know :blush:

In any case, this spell is meant to be kept untouched for at least 28 days. After that I would treat it like a money bowl or money altar. The spell can be done again every moon cycle (28 days) or money can be added or taken from it as needed. If she doesn’t want to do the spell again and wants to be rid of the box, my suggestion is to carry the money in her wallet and dispose of the natural ingredients (basil and garlic, etc.) in a sustainable way.


@MeganB Yes it is! Thank you… She also said: “Thank you!”

We will put the content inside the soil. And she leave the money in her purse. Was I correct?

What about the handkerchief? What can she do with it?

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I have a question now :laughing:

What is the purpose for putting the spell under my bed? I have seen this in other spell works, but have never understood how it affects the spell. I may want to leave this box in an area I can add things to and admire during the moon cycle. So I am curious what the spell will be lacking if I place the money box in an open area.

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@LadyAuld.ofChico I think it has something to see with manifestation. The only fact that we put it under the bed is a reminder that we have a dream and even if we forget about what we did, we sleep on it. Keep the money close to our thoughts, our hearts and our dreams…


When it comes to what actions to take post-spellwork, I always suggest checking the spell instructions first. If the spell instructions do not specify what to do, then I say it’s up to you how to handle spell remains and used tools :+1:

Like Megan said, perishable or natural ingredients can be disposed of in various ways (burying in soil, burning, releasing into the wind, etc- while being mindful to be eco-friendly with disposal). There was actually just an Offerings Challenge where people shared how they dispose of offerings post-spellwork- you could check out their challenge entries to get some ideas! :blush:

When it comes to used magickal tools or accessories (such as a handkerchief), I’d say it is fine to cleanse the tool in question with your preferred method of cleansing (salt, sage, smoke, moon light, etc). After it is cleansed of the energies of the past spell, you should be fine to use it again in future spellwork :grinning: :+1:

Others may have different interpretations about this, but I’ve always found sleeping near my tools (such as my tarot decks) to help me bond with them on a deeper level. Personally, I see it as helping them to connect with the deeper levels of consciousness which open up during sleep :sleeping:

If you’d prefer to keep your box in an open area, I’d say that’s fine! It sounds like you would be replacing the sleep component of the spell with time charging in the moonlight, which is another wonderful way to charge the spell.

Again, there are some who might disagree, but I think (unless the spell specifically says not to alter anything) it is totally fine to add or substitute ingredients to customize the spell to best suit you and your needs :+1: :sparkles:

Good luck and blessed casting! :blush:


For me personally, I would carry it around as a prosperity charm. It could also be cleansed and washed to be used for a different purpose. It just depends on what she wants to do with it :blush: Also yes, she can leave the money in her purse.

I think in this spell the purpose of leaving it under the bed is so it’s out of sight, out of mind. It isn’t supposed to be touched for an entire lunar cycle so if it’s under your bed you’re less likely to touch it. After the lunar cycle is when I would bring it out and display it, add things to it or take things away.

I don’t think it will lack anything if you place it in an open area, either :blush: I have a money altar that sits directly on my desk that I work every Thursday. So far, I haven’t had any issues with that!


@TheTravelWitch Thank you! I have a lot of tools in hand now.


@MeganB Mummy said yes for the prosperity charm. She will cleanse it and reuse anytime she wants to redo the spell anymore.

Thank you!


You’re welcome! Happy to help :pray:t3:


@TheTravelWitch Thank you my Friend! Your answer makes so much sense to me :love_letter:


@MeganB ooooo that makes sense too!! Hmm that gives me something to consider. Thank you very much m’lady :heart_decoration:


You’re very welcome @SingingWitch and @LadyAuld.ofChico! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad if I could help- good luck with your spellwork and blessed be! :sparkles: :blush:


@TheTravelWitch :blush::pray: Blessed be!


You’re welcome :heart: happy to help!