Bath Improvisation

Good day! I hope everyone is having a good Lammas today! My daughter & I made bread & one slice we buried out by our garden and then we ate a slice with melted butter.

I was wondering if I could improvise on the cleansing baths because I have a walk-in shower with a seat. I use an extra long handheld shower head when I use the seat. We also have a stationary shower head for standing under. We don’t have a bath anymore due to my medical issues, I can’t get in & out freely. I need to be able to walk into it.

I haven’t done, too much because I still feel new even though I’m on Day 6 of the initiation and Day 2 of spells 101. I am having trouble learning how to meditate, I feel very intimidated by it and anxious. So after my shower today when I felt new & refreshed… I wanted to try to find my symbol and then was curious about the improvisation for the cleansing baths.

Blessed Be!


You could prepare water with your salts, herbs, oils. As you’re in the shower, pour the prepared mixture over you and visualize all the negativity vanishing. Hope that helps!!


Absolutely you can improvise! Simply do it in a way that works for you - bath not necessary lol you can put the herbs in a bowl in the shower and let the steam warm them up. You can rub them on you, then rinse them off. Whatever works for your situation.


Get yourself a good sized like tub that will fit in the shower, fill it with all your cleansing herbs and hot water, put your feet in it, sit on your seat, and pour some over your body and feel the energy…you can do that as long as you want, even use a scrubby in the water and scrub with it.


Amazing idea @roxanne I like the other suggestions to & that improvising is okay. I can have a special kit for the shower to be able to do this, I’m actually looking forward to it!

Thank you everyone for your help!

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I’ve also seen people tie eucalyptus to their shower head like this:

via Pinterest

The steam of the shower with the anti-inflammatory benefits of eucalyptus can help clear your nose and throat! Be careful if you have pets since eucalyptus can be toxic for cats and dogs.


Everyone has shared some wonderful ideas- and I totally agree! A cleansing shower is just as powerful as cleaning bath, the most important thing is that you feel relaxed and surrounded by whatever herbs/salts/ingredients you choose to use :grin::+1:

Many people don’t have bathtubs, but they can definitely still have a relaxing and cleansing ritual! While bath salts and bath bombs are popular, some companies are creating alternative treats for those without tubs. There’s actually something called “shower bombs” (instead of bath bombs) that are becoming very trendy! :shower:

To help you feel immersed in your cleansing ritual, I would recommend placing crystals :gem: , candles :candle: , and even a potted herb or plant :herb: on the sink/countertop nearby where you can draw on their energy.

Best of luck and happy cleansing shower rituals, @Siofra! :sparkling_heart:

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I am going to use a combination of these suggestions. I went for my walk last night & had a fantastic shower when I got home last night. I have a shelf built in my shower, kind of like a little nook in there where I can place things that I want to draw from, and I like the idea of hanging eucalyptus in there on the stationary showerhead. I have a small bowl & and a little dish that I have claimed as my own for right now too.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback! Thank you so much!


Often I just take a plain ol shower if i feel covered in negative energy, I soap up and just rinse it all down the drain saying “I wash all negative energy off of me and down the drain” then I try to air dry when I can.

Also @Siofra I too am fairly new to meditation , sometimes it is not easy and I feel like you do. Apparently it takes practice so I just keep at it. I find that if I am already too stressed of have too much anxiety I am not able to concentrate enough to meditate :frowning: so I save it for another day or time. I’m guessing we will get better at it in time.


@Katt Hi, I do love my showers & feel like they wash my negative energies away. I am going to try putting some herbs or crystals with me or making some shower bombs.

After I wrote about my meditation anxieties, I tried it again. Once with a white candle and then with a guided meditation from the courses. I made it through, but I also got interrupted by people in my house & my dogs needing to be on me while I tried very hard. I think I will try it again once I have the house to myself. I feel like I will do better with nothing to distract my mind & when my anxiety isn’t on high alert. I am actively working on it though. Just slowly.


@Siofra, I can’t get thru a single meditation without dog aggro, I have 3 lol. If it’s not one barking at a neighbour or a squirrel it’s one trying to climb on me.


Yes! I have 2 with the need to be near me lately! They’ve been really close to me since last Wednesday night when I choked. I can’t shake them. When I go to my room, at least 1 is butting the door with his head to come in with me! Their breathing will mess me all up then they circle me to lay on me. The other one usually looks out the window to bark at wind!


I’m also constantly trying to improve my meditation practice! Stick with it @Katt and @Siofra! :grin: :two_hearts: It’s absolutely normal to deal with interruptions or wayward thoughts while you try to meditate. I’ve found that the key is to let them happen, deal with whatever comes, and then return to meditating without letting frustration or worry take root in your mind. :+1:

And if you’ve tried but you’re feeling very emotional or unable to focus after a while- it’s okay! You can always try to meditate again another time :blush:. No need to force it when it isn’t meant to be.

I’m sending both you warm thoughts- happy meditating! :woman_in_lotus_position::sparkling_heart:


Good morning! I did download Headspace and I have better results so far. So I have the Breathly app which is a good short one that I can do anytime and anywhere and the Headspace app I am making part of my morning ritual after waking & saying my prayers for the day and coffee. Then I work on courses until later today when I work on them again. I feel more confident in my ability to do it, I guess I needed reassurance that I was doing okay! Thank you to everyone for their suggestions towards meditation and showers! Yesterday I put some cinnamon in the shower with me to help with the healing of my joints after I had gone to the ocean. Plus I like the smell. My morning is getting to be easier and better each day!

@Katt I think if you try Headspace too, you won’t be disappointed. It starts out slow and the guided meditation is very soothing.

I have found that with guided meditation, it’s easier for me to let them go. I’m hoping to be able to meditate on my own once I learn the proper techniques.


You are very welcome, @Siofra, and I am so happy to hear you are feeling comfortable in a routine and gaining confidence with your meditation! :blush: :two_hearts: Enjoy the guided meditations and keep experimenting with your shower rituals- cinnamon is a great addition to a shower meditation! I’m excited to hear what else you learn and add to your meditation practice :grin: :sparkling_heart: Blessed Be! :pray: