Before it's Taken Down: Watch This Video, That You Are Not Supposed To Know!


There is no reason this video should be removed from the internet. No government secrets, here.

The spells could come in handy.

One thing they forgot to mention: hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That way, you can survive while you’re waiting for manifestation. It’s like keeping a secret in your back pocket to help you feel secure while you wait, a plan b to fall back on just in case. This doesn’t mean you don’t trust the spell: it is a practical survival mechanism which supports the positive subconscious feelings which you use as your foundation in magick.


Yeah, it’s just clickbait tactics to get people to look and feel like they’re “in the club” for knowing the secret secrets.

(Nothing against you, @john1. Just talking about the video.)

That’s always good advice for any situation, indeed. :black_heart: