Beginner Astrology - Guide to the Polarities

Hello everyone,

Here is my final guide which deals with “grouping” your natal chart. We have already covered elements and modalities. The final grouping is the polarities.

Traditionally, these were called masculine and feminine but some are eager to move away from these labels in today’s modern society. They can also be called positive and negative, yin and Yang, passive and active…there are lots of options. Choose and use whatever you prefer.

The method of finding your most dominant is the same as I illustrated for the elements and polarities but I have included an example anyway.

I have also included a summary table which helps you to describe each sign using all groupings

Hope it is useful

Blessed be



Awesome information, @Cosmic_Curiosity
Thank you for doing this! I love it! :hugs:


Now let’s see how it all looks together for me… :smile_cat:

Planet Sign Polarity Modality Element
Sun Cancer Yin Cardinal Water
Moon Gemini Yang Mutable Air
Ascendant Sagittarius Yang Mutable Fire
Mercury Cancer Yin Cardinal Water
Venus Cancer Yin Cardinal Water
Mars Leo Yang Fixed Fire
Jupiter Aries Yang Cardinal Fire
Saturn Sagittarius Yang Mutable Fire
Uranus Sagittarius Yang Mutable Fire
Neptune Capricorn Yin Cardinal Earth
Pluto Scorpio Yin Fixed Water
Total Yin x6 Cardinal x6 Water x5
Yang x8 Fixed x2 Air x2
Mutable x6 Fire x6
Earth x1

My polarity here seems to be very gently leaning towards yang / masculine / positive, which is understandable, there is a lot of fire energy here :smile_cat: :fire: Water is also prominent, which is balancing the scale there.

I also seem to have both cardinal and mutable modalities “overly” dominant at the expense of fixed modality, and I can see it in my life… staying still, patiently in the middle of a process isn’t really where I’m the most comfortable… or well, comfortable sure, but I tend to get bored and want more stimulation… :sweat_smile: Beginnings and endings are always more interesting to me, where the energy flows and changes, where there’s possibility and spark, to be felt and influenced.

Thank you for these infographics, they’re easy to understand and enjoyable to read, and the interactive part is just the right bite size to give some insight and an appetite for more :heart:


As always, this is a beautifully written guide loaded with helpful information! And I appreciate the analogy of the magnet- it really helps to visualize how the polarities function :magnet: :grinning:

I don’t have to run the numbers this time to know exactly where my natal chart will put me- I’m going to be very firmly in the negative polarity with all of the water energy. I do want to take the time to follow the guide and write out my chart in completion like the example (and like @CelestiaMoon did- it looks amazing!), it’ll be nice to have it to reference! :star2: :blush:

Thank you so much for bringing us on such a helpful and insightful journey through our charts and these important areas of astrology, @Cosmic_Curiosity- you have been so kind and generous with your knowledge! The guides are much appreciated. I know I will be eagerly awaiting the release of your future book :open_book: :wink: :two_hearts:

With much gratitude and many blessings! :sparkles:


@marsha thank you so much. I am pleased that you find it helpful.

@CelestiaMoon i am glad that you it helpful and that you have enjoyed using the interactive tasks to calculate elements, modality and polarity. It is interesting to that you can relate your results to real life and can see where your strengths lie.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry i do love an analogy. Its jow my mind works best. I know i am mostly negative too due to the dominance of Earth on my chart. I have discovered the zodiac axes and how the signs opposite each other can actually compliment each other, like a magnet again I suppose. Maybe I will create a section for that too.

You essentially have the parts of my “book” already :rofl::rofl: i have extended the signs to include the mythology behind them and the activities for each season too. I am also adding a section aboit the links to the body and I am making an oil blend gor each season too which will be included.
I do think it will only be an ebook/pdf book for the moment though perhaps via Etsy or Kindle. Still.lots to do but it is helping me to take my mind off other things that have happened.

Blessed be



You are amazing Alan and much Much appreciated for the immense amount of work you put into your guides :purple_heart:


Thank you so much. I am glad you find it useful


This is, yet again, another amazing resource. :clap: Thank you for putting it together!

I’m with @TheTravelWitch_Bry – I didn’t need to write it all up to know my polarity would be negative-dominant. However, it’s not as negative-dominant as I thought!

I have 8 negative signs and 6 positive ones. I think I encapsulate the negative description pretty well. I tend to be more introverted and introspective. I also feel my emotions rather extremely :sweat_smile: so it makes perfect sense!

I can’t wait to see you put it all together in a book!



So, I took a few minutes to total up my chart and it’s a lot more positive (11) than negative (3) This seems kind of extreme! For as long as I have been doing astrology charts and readings, I have never looked at my chart this way! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… Even though I have a Libra :libra: Sun :astrology_sun: I am rarely balanced :balance_scale:

I have spent my life moving from one extreme to another… I think this is something I need to work on! I feel as if this is a very important message for me, so I just had to say thank you again, Alan!

With big hugs :hugs: and insights :zap: always


That is something that really interests me too- perhaps because I’m a Scorpio sun and Taurus moon. The dualities and opposing forces are really fascinating! :magnet:

I think that’s a great place to start! An eBook is very accessible, easy to update or make changes too, and then you have the core backbone all ready to go if ever want to move into physical books :grinning:

The wisdom you have shared is a wonderful blessing, and any book you decide to put together is sure to be a masterpiece! :open_book: :blush:

Thank you again and blessed be :sparkles: