Beginner Books that Don't S*ck

I found this article on Patheos that’s connected to a YouTube video on Beginner Books that are good that might be a bit more modern than Buckland or Cunningham. Not that those aren’t great, but these are good too apparently. It’s a video by Thorn Mooney, whose book The Witches Path is on my wishlist.

I just thought some of you newer witches might like to watch and then get sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole because at the end of the video is links to other videos on the same subject.

There is a bit of swearing, but not much. So enjoy!


I will go you one better…intermediate books that actually exist. etc. I find it very hard to find much worth reading to be honest. It might be due to my background but most everything I have found is good for little more than publishers to cash a check.


And when does one stop being a “beginner,” exactly? I still very much think of myself as a beginner, but I can’t help wonder where the first checkpoint is.


I just read that article :laughing: thanks for sharing it because there are some great books!!


Thank you @Amethyst for this list of books!!


@Undomeher - This is a good question. Thorn (the author of the article) actually has a video on her channel talking about being a beginner! It’s definitely worth the watch.

@jim - Intermediate books are always going to be more difficult to find because they’re subjective. Intermediate is just like a narrowing down of subject and skillset, so the books won’t be your typical witchcraft books you see advertised. For example, one book that could be considered intermediate in my eyes is Protection and Reversal Magic by Jason Miller. I haven’t read it yet, but from the way my friends have spoken about it, this is a book specifically about one skill set. I would consider this an intermediate level book. Thorn (the author of the article) has a good video about what it means to be an “advanced witch” that I definitely recommend watching if you’ve got the time :blush:

As for the books mentioned in this video, I haven’t read any of them :laughing: but that one book by John Beckett is on my list!


Will look that video up today remember the scenes where Dr.Strange was "borrowing " books from the library that is how I feel in my work I have seen the power of apprenticeship over the years and really miss that with this journey


@jim I guess you just have to keep hunting. I picked up this month’s book club book and it’s started out at the beginning of things. I was hoping it would be more comprehensive. It’s a darn good book, but a beginner book nonetheless.

I think that’s something only you can decide when you’re solitary.

You’re welcome, dear heart!