Beginner Spells/Activities

Hello! My name is Quadeera and I’m new to witchcraft and the Wiccan practice, I was wondering if for Samhain there was something I could do to celebrate or a simple spell I could cast for my first year into becoming a Wiccan?


YAY! It’s my first Samhain celebration too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
@Francisco has posted loads of great stuff here in the forum and on the main website which is great for beginners and seasoned witches alike!
Here are a couple of links:
How to Celebrate Samhain: Rituals & Ideas! 💀
🎃 Samhain Spellwork for Witch's New Year Goals
And if you type ‘Samhain’ into the search bar here on the forum looooaaaaaaads of great stuff will pop up!

And for funsies here’s a spell from 1001 Spells by Cassandra Eason (I mention this book a lot, it seems to have something for everything and is often within reach :joy:)


Congratulations on your first year of studying the Craft!! :clap: :clap:

Consider celebrating yourself with a self-dedication ritual in the coming Full Moon :full_moon: This October 31st is a Blue Moon and a Sabbat on top of that, so definitely a special date that you will remember for years to come!

Limeberry’s suggestion was perfect for the Sabbat too! But any spells that you cast will of course be linked to your personal intentions so it’s hard for us to tell you what to do.

I recommend that you explore these beginner spells or browse through the Library of spells at Spells8.

The Lunar Spell Generator will come in handy if the date arrives and you couldn’t find a spell.


It’s my first Samhain and I know that I saw a couple of printables about Samhain and a solitary Samhain ritual here on Spells8.

There is a lot of information and talk here on the site and here in the forum regarding this Saturday too because there is a Blue Full Moon the same night!

I am going to spend my first with a friend of mine and her daughter, but in the evening I am going to have some tea made especially for the Samhain.

I hope you find something that works for you! Have a great evening!


I myself am doing the solitary ritual for Samhain from @Francisco, but make sure you take this time to make Moon Water! It’s the easiest potion to make, and it’ll have the triple whammy of being Samhain, the Full Moon and a Blue Moon.

And don’t forget to feast and have fun too! It’s the new year, maybe set some intentions for what you want to happen in the next few months. There’s all sorts of possibilities!