🎃 Samhain Spellwork for Witch's New Year Goals

Did you know that Samhain / Halloween is also known as the Witch’s New Year?! :confetti_ball::wine_glass::balloon:

That’s because before the 24-hour clock, the day began and ended at sunset. In the same way, the year was considered to begin with the dark half, which starts in autumn. :fallen_leaf:

Here’s a spell I prepared for this week’s Witchy Challenge!

Samhain Spellwork for personal Goals

Samhain is considered one of the four Greater Sabbats or “Fire Festivals” in the Wheel of the Year. One of my favorite traditions, even though I’d never seen it in person, is the fire wheel made of straw that villagers would roll down the hill to ensure abundance.

Fire Festival Wheel Rolling (1)

This is a safe homemade ritual inspired by that. You’ll need:

  • Pen and pieces of paper
  • Fireproof container :fire:
  • Orange and Black candle :candle:
  • Grass straws I collected outside :ear_of_rice:
  • Seasonal altar offerings :green_apple:

Casting the Samhain Spell

  1. Light the candles.

  2. Meditate and mentally make a list of your personal goals.

  3. On each piece of paper, write down one of your goals for the year that begins.

  4. Keep focusing on your goals as you roll each of the straws into a loop.

  5. Say the following spell:

“Fire wheel, roll downhill,
Hear my petition, that’s my will.
The Wheel of the year is always turning,
All through the winter, slowly burning.”

  1. Roll the papers and put them in the straws. Burn them in a fireproof container one by one.

  2. Let the candles burn completely.

The straw that I picked had a really cool aroma that reminds me of white sage. I took this as a good sign! I will continue to burn them through Samhain night (October 31st / November 1st).


Wow. Your altar looks great @Francisco, and this looks like an awesome ritual. And so much safer than rolling fire down the hill in Autumn.


That’s very creative! I love this spell. I was looking for something to do for Samhain. While writing this, I got deja vu. The picture with the fire wheel rolling down the hill. That’s really weird, I’ve never done that before. For school, I am working on my “clair” skills but that did seem more like clairvoyance instead of deja vu. That was a first! Or maybe I’ve done that before in a past life. :face_with_monocle: Who knows? 🤷🏻


Thanks @Amethyst!! Yes, that’s what I thought too! But lots and lots of care are required when burning anything, no matter how small! :candle:

@christina4 I’d love to experience something as meaningful and thought-provoking as a huge wheel of fire rolling down a hill! :fire: I believe that would be something that sticks with me for a loooong time, even lifetimes!


You’re welcome dear! And after the fire season y’all have had, I shouldn’t wonder the need to be cautious with just a little flame! Good spell!


Yes. An event that meaningful would stay with me for a while, too. I felt like I could explain the event and who I was with. I had a feeling that I can only explain as a sense of over joy and complete (inner) peace.


Wow !! Awesome thanks Francisco, I sure do appreciate all your wisdom and thank you for your leadership!


This is awesome, Francisco! :star_struck: Wow, the original festival looks like quite the party- I admit I would probably be terrified of the massive flaming ball of hall flying down the hill :laughing: I love your (much safer) version! :candle: A lovely spell that is perfect for the upcoming holiday. Thanks so much for sharing! :sparkling_heart:


I live in Morocco and we don’t have grass straws here… Any good alternatives please? :thinking:


What kind of vegetation do you have there?


Dawn, if you have Cedar or Juniper you can burn the bark or leaves. The smoke of burning cedar is said to attract the good spirits and eliminate negative energies.

Happy Samhain! :sparkles:


Francisco where can I get some good cedar? Like you? Like in the pic?


Most things that I use, I just go out walking and pick them up! I think it’s best to use what grows naturally where you live.

You may need to get creative but I’m sure you’ll find something that resonates with you as soon as you see it!