We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn! <3

I feel such a strong presence today. Really have the witches of the Salem witch trials on my mind…it’s an overwhelming feeling like I want to cry.

I feel that we should NEVER forget we are a apart of something that is BIGGER than any of us!
We carry the torch for our ancestors may they rest in peace!

It’s a strange feeling to have never known one of them but yet feel so connected to them all.

Convicted for our faith, this is the witching hour. :heart:


Delving into witchy history can certainly be emotional and even scary at times- but then there are those wonderful moments of connection across the ages :two_hearts: :blush:

It sounds like ancestry and history both resonate very strongly with you- have you considered perhaps making an ancestor altar or doing spirit work? There are many magickal ways that you could continue to pursue that bond with the past :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

Thanks for sharing the love, Jyssie! :woman_mage: :sparkles:


I haven’t, I am still so new to this. I didn’t realize you could make an alter for your ancestors?

And spirit work? What exactly is that?


No worries at all, Jyssie! :heart: I was just putting suggestions on the table because I felt like you might enjoy those areas of study :blush: But that being said, goodness knows there is a massive amount of witchy information out there to study- so please don’t feel overwhelmed!

If you feel drawn to it, Spirit Work is anything involving spirits. Spirits of the dead, ancestor spirits, Ouija Boards, earth spirits and animism, etc. This is a very popular type of spellwork to do around the Sabbat Samhain (aka Halloween, also the Witches’ New Year), but some witches specialize in it and work with spirits throughout the year.

And yes, you can absolutely make an Ancestor Altar! :place_of_worship: Again, this is a popular altar to make during Samhain, but some witches like to honor and work with ancestors year-round. Tips for Beginning Work With Ancestors and Crafting for Ancestors are both good places to go for more information about honoring ancestors in the Craft :pray:

Again- I don’t want to overwhelm you with any of this, Jyssie! Feel free to explore what calls to you when you feel ready. There is always more to study, so there’s nothing wrong with pacing yourself! :blush:

Good luck and many blessings to you! :sparkles:



Right now, i don’t feel comfortable with “spirit work” i would rather stay away from anything to do with divination. At THIS time, once i am further in my craft that might change.

As far as the alter for our ancestors i would be interested in that…because i do feel very drawn to them. There is just so much to learn and consider.


You’re very welcome @triplemoonlove9091- wishing you all the best with building your ancestor altar if you choose to make one! :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles: