Crafting for the Ancestors

I wanted to share my newest video with you all :heart:

I’ve been doing more research and actual work with my ancestors lately. I wanted to take the time to create a dedicated space for them in my home, craft some things for the altar space, and just give some of my thoughts on ancestors in general.

I hope you enjoy the video :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The altar cloth you made is beautiful, and the idea of a black mirror for your ancestors is great. I don’t have hardly any pictures so that would work great for me. Thank you for sharing!


Oh wow, girl you have me in tears! That was beautiful! I can relate to the part when you said that you have some ancestors that you wish you knew and some you wish you didn’t.

The Italian side of my family believes in ‘bad blood’ and for this, my great aunt was in a sense kicked out of the family.

When I was pregnant with my first son, (2005) I met her at my baby shower for the first time. She was the sweetest thing. She hand made my son a blanket and I have it still. It’s sad how people can hold grudges for so long!

But, thank you for the video!!! I really enjoyed this one especially!!! 🪄


Thank you @Amethyst :heart: I hope it does work for you if you decide to make one!

Aww :hugs: @christina4 I know a lot of cultures believe in the idea of “bad blood”, too, but I’m glad you got to meet her and that she was sweet! I like to think that “bad blood” is just ancestral trauma that needs healing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It is ancestral trauma and it needs healing because that family is getting old. And most of them are dying off.

My family will never know that kind of issue. They will deserve a second chance! If it weren’t for any chances at all, I’d most likely wouldn’t be here. But anyway, thanks again. I’ve got work to do


Thanks for sharing this . I love the black mirror… Is perfect I don’t have many pictures either​:purple_heart::purple_heart:


You’re welcome! It definitely serves the purpose that I need it to.