Being multilingual and the craft

Good Day to you my Magical companions!

I was just performing a full moon spell and a certain thing I’m doing just occurred to me. Being multilingual has always had an odd impact on my life, mostly positive and funny (especially when I can’t remember a word in one :sweat_smile::face_with_hand_over_mouth:). If I know that someone speaks at least two of the same languages as me I tend to mix them up a little, as my brain finds it easier to recall certain words in a given one.
During my ritual tonight I noticed that I have been mixing phrases in two most familiar languages to me. That got me thinking about the effectiveness of the spells and my ritualistic work. I know that witchcraft is very intuitive and whatever floats my boat goes really (:woman_shrugging:t3:?).

I guess my question is, are there any other multilingual witches around and what experiences have you had in this matter, if any?
I’m also open to any opinions from more experienced practitioners, who may have heard anything or have an idea about it.

Blessings and Positive Vibes, lovelies! :full_moon: :pray:t2:


You are not alone. I speak English, Spanish, and Greek. English in native since I’m born and raised here in the states, but I try to impress her Ladyship, Hecate, at times by trying to chant and talk to her in Greek. Unless I write it down and read from a paper, it never fails that I’m not sure about a word and substitute one in one of the other two languages.
Whelp!, I try. Hopefully I’m getting some smiles and laughs out there where the Gods live. Lol. My fear is finding out I’ve been offending her instead.
Oh well… no devine punishments perceived yet. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to ask via divination with my pendulum. Lol.


Hey Viss!

Indeed, you’re not alone. I speak Spanish, English, and learning Portuguese and I tend to mix my chants as well, sometimes I say them in both languages or whatever feels right at the given moment. But I honestly prefer to say them in my native language which is Spanish.

I agree with you that the intention is what matters, and if you’re not intending to offend your deities they’d probably just laugh as Franklin says, lol. But surely, they’ll appreciate the time and love you’re sending their way.

Thank you for the blessings and good vibes, sending blessings and love back to you!

Happy Wolf Moon! :full_moon:


Thank you for the answers I really appreciate it. I didn’t have doubst while casting a spell, but was more wandering if I was making the universe laugh a bit, just like I get people around me to laugh on our plane. Or maybe misundestand the intention, but then who am I to question what language the spiritual plane operates in. Bet, they have few extra ones themselves :joy: Better to get the God’s in good mood for our rituals. It’s encouraging to see that we all do it and it feels right to others as much as it does for me :relaxed:
Additionally, I’m pretty sure my bilingual spell worked as Morrigan has sent me another very odd dream and since I woke up I keep seeing positive omen’s. So kudos to the universe for taking it in, in a good way just like it was intend :+1:t2:


I’m multilingual and that’s happened many times to me. It still has the same effect because it’s still your words. Don’t stress about it :relaxed:


Awesome question, @Viss! :heart: And hooray for all the bilinguals/polyglots in the forum! :partying_face:

It is so much fun hearing about everyone’s experiences using and jumping between languages in their practice :blush: I know there was a similar thread a while back, so if anyone would like some additional ideas about multilingualism in the Craft, I’ll add the link here:

Does it matter what language I cast spells in?

Others may have differing thoughts on this (and perhaps deity bonds may affect how you communicate, if you are working with a deity), but I think it is absolutely fine to jump between languages within a spell so long as you know what you are saying and the words carry meaning to you- especially if the spell or ritual is your own, or you have customized the spellwork to best suit your needs :sparkles: :grinning: :+1:

After all, some words just feel better in different languages, and some words or feelings you want to call upon in a spell may not even exist in other languages!

I know there are some folks who are against customizing or altering pre-written spells, but I’m in the school of thought that thinks customization is the best way to make a spell suit your exact needs. I believe that, unless the spell specifically says not to, to do what feels right and what carries the most power to you- mix languages, substitute meaningful words to you, etc! Make your spellwork your own :woman_mage: :sparkling_heart:

Great question, Viss- thanks for asking it! :blush:


I always think about this topic and I can identify with most of what has been said. I think it applies to every aspect of life including the Craft.

There have even been studies that link language to personality and apparently if you speak more than one language you may have developed two minds!

Personally I tend to go with the language that is on my mind at the moment (between Spanish and English) but I’d guess most people do ritual in their native language. To me, it feels a bit more “serious” or sacred using my mother tongue. :argentina:


That is so true! It does feel sometimes like each language brings out a certain aspects of my personality more than others. Almost like they’re more appropriate for it :thinking:


But what qualifies as speaking it? I have studied several languages and find them fascinating, but even after 2-3 years or more of study I wouldn’t call myself fluent. And is it a separate mind for each language? In that case, my head is getting pretty crowded, lol!


That’s a good question and I think it’s very personal and it depends on each speaker. However being fluent usually means being able to spontaneously express exactly what you want to express. For example if you look around the room, can you easily describe every item you see?

If you can create thoughts or ideas and instantly communicate them, then that’s your language. I think the difference in “personality” is the different words, subtlety and nuance that we would use in each language.


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