Between the Veils || New Pagn NonProfit

Hey everyone, I wanted to share this interview with you. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan and Shahmaran, two board members of a new magical non-profit organization called Between the Veils. From their website, they are “a non-profit organization that aims to provide community, education, and safe space for magical, indigenous, and diasporic practitioners of all paths.”

These videos don’t tend to get as many views as my others but I really feel like this organization is going to do some great and important work in the future :revolving_hearts:


Thank you @MeganB ,

I’ve been searching for another community, it’s notoriously difficult to find Pagan communities or a community in the main cities of the Philippines, so thank you for sharing about them

Blessed Be,


This is interesting! Thanks so much Megan!! Hope you’re healing nicely!!!


You’re welcome! They’re a brand new organization here in the US based on the West Coast. Their entire platform is built around inclusive spaces, safe for those in marginalized communities as well as others.

And thanks @christina4 :heart: I’m doing okay!