“Beware the Ides of March”

Before I begin, let me say, I adored Shakespeare. I even read his books in middle school, when it wasn’t required, I also embarrassed the tar out of my Dad by asking what some words meant. TeeHee

Onto the post
Have you ever heard the saying, “Beware the Ides of March”? Or “Et Tu Brute?”

Figuratively, this was a warning given by a ‘fortune teller’ to the Roman dictator, Julius Caesar who was assassinated in 44 BCE, on March 15th (or the ides of March). And as he died he cried out to Brutus “Et Tu Bruta”.
Meaning, “You too, Brutus?” Now how’s that for drama?

Literally? It never happened. I mean, Caesar was assassinated by a group of nobles on the Ides of March. Led by Senators Brutus, Longinus, and a group of approximately 60 conspirators fatally stabbing Caesar in the Roman Senate. Ya think they really wanted him dead?
As far as what was said and by whom? Well, that would be William Shakespeare taking poetic license to lie his pretty little red tights off.
Kidding! It was making up things for the sake of the story. And what a story it did become.
Well done Willie boy.
Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare



Shakespeare sure liked his drama- and hey, it sure worked for him and his stories! :laughing: They continue to be enjoyed hundreds of years after they were written.

I didn’t know until recently that every month has an “Ides”- the middle day(s) of the month. I always thought it was just an occasion in March, thanks to the famous saying!

Fun thing to ponder about- thanks for sharing it, @Garnet! :heart:


Ah yes, my buddy Will can weave quite a story. I do a lot of Shakespeare work with my kids! They memorize it (hello homeschool) and we talk often about how Shakespearean snippets have found their way into so many facets of our every day life. Most people miss them completely! I will definitely have to remind them that the Ides of March is coming. We haven’t read Julius Ceasar yet!


I just recently learned about the Ides of March and the connection to Julius Ceasar! Funnily enough, it’s from a children’s show on Netflix called The Who Was show, I think? I don’t quite remember. But I do remember this!

I didn’t know it was made up, though. Even in the show they made it seem like it actually happened… :thinking:

We haven’t read any Shakespeare in my house yet for homeschool. Kiddo isn’t quite old enough for that yet and we’re still working on enjoying reading :joy: if I put Shakespeare in front of her right now, I’m sure she’d hate reading for the foreseeable future!


I love Shakespeare too although I haven’t formally studied his works.

@AileyGrey that is awesome that you teach Shakespeare. There are snippets everywhere, especially since I watch a lot of British tv.

I have been inspired by Shakespeare and things he has written, obviously many have since we still talk about him. There is always lots to unpack. Even his speech in Hamlet with Polonius and Laertes. I like to think of the speech as a guideline but in the play it is satirical. Polonius himself is a hypocrite and doesn’t follow the precepts. There is also an unpacking of “to thine own self be true” and the discussion of self. Some argue there isn’t a self that we truly are that gets masked sometimes (eg soul) and that we are what we do. That Shakespeare was making this point. Anyhow, I still like to refer to the speech as guidelines. :grin:


Sorry for over thinking!


Can one ever truly overthink?


Thank you! You are sweet :heart::heart::heart:


Haha! @Phoenix_Rose, my children may not agree with you! I am trying to see if I can upload a video of my (then) 4 year old reciting A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I may have to upload it to youtube first!


Ok, going to try this! This is one of my kiddos. He was 4 when he memorized this soliloquy from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He was hamming it up for the camera pretty good!

@Garnet, for your viewing pleasure as well!


Amazing! Midsummer… is my favorite Shakespeare, by far. So whimsical and full of magic, mystery and mayhem!


It’s one of my favorites too!


So precious!!! :heart: That is awesome!


Wow, look at him go- you can tell he’s having a blast with it! :clap::laughing: Your kiddo has both a talent for memorization and the :sparkles: flair :sparkles: for performace- I’d say he’s ready for the stage! :grin: :+1: :two_hearts:


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