Black and Orange Candle Ritual for Samhain 🕯️

Black and Orange Candle Ritual for Samhain

The ritual is best done within a cast circle.:o:
You’ll need 1 orange candle and 1 black candle

The black :black_heart: candle :candle: represents all that you’ve been and done in the past year.

The orange :orange_heart: candle :candle: represents the present moment and the year to come.

Light the black candle, gaze into it and reflect upon the past year. What have you done right/wrong? What lessons have you learned? In what ways have you grown?
When ready, blow/snuff out the candle. Bid farewell to the past year.

Light the orange candle. Gaze into it and reflect upon ways that will help you become the person you wish to be in the coming year.
When ready,blow/snuff out the candle flame with gratitude and renewed hope.

:o: Open the circle :o:

by Morgana_Magic_Spell


That’s a lovely spell! Maybe for next year, I’ve already got this year’s planned.


A lovely Samhain candle ritual- thanks for sharing, @christina4!

:orange_heart: :candle: :black_heart: