Black Moon energy for spellwork and divination

Black Moon in Taurus today! Many consider the energy of the Black Moon to double the magickal potential of the New Moon. The energy of today (especially this morning) is great for divination (scyring challenge), psychic work, intuition work, crystal grids, rituals, meditation and setting intentions. It’s also a great day to plant seeds.

Coinciding with the Black Moon, Jupiter has moved into Taurus (ruled by Venus) for a year. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are considered benefic planets. They are all in Taurus today, along with the sun and the moon. That is a lot of good luck energy, fertile, fresh start energy. Expect blessings; try some gratitude journaling. Some even consider today an energetic portal. If your practice aligns with astrology, setting New Moon intentions for the next six months around abundance, long-term prosperity and earnings, creature comforts, love and self-care would all be amplified under the energies of the Black Moon. And if your practice aligns with correspondences, Friday is also associated with Venus. LOVE that!

If you are lucky enough to own a black moonstone, I think that would be an excellent crystal to work with today, otherwise regular moonstone, rainbow moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, etc.


New Moon in Taurus Tarot spread


I’m going to do this spread but with my oracle, it’s really what I need today. Thankyou. Blessings :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for sharing this! :black_heart: I saw the phrase Black Moon a couple of days ago and have since learned what it means. I’m hoping I can do at least some journaling or a small ritual tonight. I’ll have to see how the day goes, but I’m saving this spread for later!


Love this post. Thank you @mary25 for the great information.


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