Bless the Summer Solstice!

Summer solstice is here! What to Do?!

Wear something yellow, go out to dine, treat yourself! Dance, sing, have a bonfire!

Really, this day is celebrated everywhere around the world, from Louisiana to Spain, and from Poland to Brazil, where it’s not even summer right now! In Sweden the Midsummer is such an important time that there have been proposals to make the Midsummer’s Eve into the National Day of Sweden.


Ideas For Today :sunny:

  • Take a cleansing bath and make a wish. Some say that anything that is dreamed, wished or requested during Litha night will come true.

  • Enjoy seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables, breads, cakes, wine, beer and plenty of water.

  • Pick flowers and place them on your altar. Or put them under your pillow to bring protection and calm to your sleep!

  • Harness the bright energies of this day to make a wand or consecrate amulets, necklaces, and other charms.

  • Connect with the energy of the Sun and bathe in its light. This is also an excellent time for dedications and prayers.

3 Prayers and a Fire Ritual!

This guided video celebration is not just for solitary practitioners. Print it and cast the spell with someone else!


Find more ideas to celebrate!

In ancient Gaul, the celebration of Midsummer was called the feast of Epona, the name of a Celtic goddess, and a symbol of fertility and protection. Germanic, Slav, and Celtic tribes along with other pagans would celebrate this season jumping over bonfires, eating and drinking. As Christianity spread around Europe, many of the pagan customs were incorporated into the Christian religion and the celebration was moved to June 24 and named after St. John the Baptist.

Nowadays, for just one night, Stonehenge allows entry to the stone circle for those who want to watch the sunrise in the summer solstice. In recent years, the celebration has attracted more than 20,000 visitors.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, take at least 5 minutes to connect or strengthen your bond with Nature and the Sun.

Have a sacred Litha! :fire: