Blessed Manifestation Day! 🌠

Merry Meet my fellow Coven members! I just wanted to quickly pop in with this post, wishing Everyone Here…A Very Blessed Manifestation Day!! Today, I wish to Mother Goddess, that she may listen to the prayers of all those who need healing and blessings as well those too, who are lost and want to find their soul path! Please, believe my friends as today your faith might just reward you graciously! :sparkles:

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I also wanted to share my experience today with my beloved coven family!! :hugs: After I came back from shifting some things to our soon to be new house, I unlocked my phone and saw ‘1:11’ pm!! Immediately my mind raced with the sentence I had read in MMM, two days earlier- “11th January or 1/11 is Angel Number/Manifestation Day” I was like…wow! :face_holding_back_tears: And guess what happened later on? I again unlocked my phone (I was constantly coming to the place where I was charging my poor phone so I kept checking! :sweat_smile:) and saw - ‘3:33’ pm! Honestly, seeing these two combinations, specially 333 is quite common for me these days but today, today it felt like a Real Blessing as it’s the Manifestation Day today! I would warmly welcome…any explanations particularly on what these Angel numbers mean in Numerology or Number Magick! Also, how your day is going today!! :heartpulse: I would loove to know everyone’s own experiences here too! Thank you and as always, blessed be sweets! :sparkling_heart:


1:11, then 3:33, then 1/11- you’re being blessed with quite the series of Angel Numbers, @Solasta_Amore- that’s a very lucky sign, if you ask me! :blush:

As for what they mean, a series of “1” often points to a fresh new start and new beginning. There’s an article about it here: Angel Number 111. 3 is a very powerful and sacred magickal number, so 3 appearing 3 times in a row is a significant magickal sign. The meaning varies by tradition/faith- some possible meanings are explored in this article: Angel Number 333.

I hope that all that you are wishing for comes true in positive ways this Manifestation Day- so mote it be, you deserve all the best! :heart::sparkles:

Blessed Manifestation Day!


Oh great! I surely am reading the angel number meanings in depth from the links you provided @TheTravelWitch_Bry! :hugs: And same to you tooo! I pray the same for you darling!

:white_flower: “Whatever you wish for today and the following days of this year, shall come True, just as the rain pours down on the soft mud slowly, to grant it the smell of Heavens!”

SO MOTE IT BE! :kissing_heart: :sparkles:


Thank you so much, Smriti! :heart::blush:

So mote it be- may all that you wish for come true! :raised_hands: :sparkles::grinning:


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