Blessing my altar

Sorry if this has been answered already but I’m in the process of setting up my altar and will have a box with crystals and tarot cards and possibly some other items would I need to have all the items on the altar or can I leave them in the box with lid open when blessing the altar?


1 . Clean the table/alter wash it

  1. Sage / Palo Santo it as you do this set your intentions on blessing it (olive oil to on a small amount on a rag wipe the altar top)

3 . Put what ever stone or candle you like or anything you worship on it

It’s ready

So many endless ways on doing this


You can do the whole box at once just specify your words to mean multiple items. If you go to where the lessons are and type in the space bar consecrate your altar. You will ffind a way to do this. Should be able to use that or mold it to suit your needs. Happy consecrating :heartpulse:


Like the others have stated, you can do them all at once. Me personally, I only put on my altar the ones needed at the time. I bless and cleanse them as needed. I also cleanse them every time I use them.


Just to add my voice to the comments – you don’t need to have anything on the altar when you bless it or consecrate it. Each item added to the altar after that is generally cleansed or consecrated on its own before being added to the altar.

Leaving them on the altar isn’t going to affect the other objects, either.