Blue Moon in Aquarius Tarot Ritual

This blue moon ritual is very power to accomplish any difficult task. So hope that this tarot ritual will help you all a little to identify the way out or solution of your trouble. Good luck @anneshakargupta

Reference:- Stuff Written, (August,02), Full Moon in Aquarius: A Ritual Worksheet, The Witch’s Fix, Full Moon in Aquarius: A Ritual Worksheet — The Witch's Fix


Thank you for your work


I performed this and I got this result:
Ace Sword: Logical beginning best represent me now. (True)
The Lover: I should shed emotional feelings for someone. (Lovely)
The Hermit: My life as Hermit should be taken care of. (True & Lovely)
4 of Sword: Smooth running of logical thinking can help me to be in aware of higher service. (True)
Page of Wand (R): No message of action about how can I serve the community best. (My God!)
2 of Cups: Either emotional anxiety or release is the projected outcome of this lunar cycle for me. (No anxiety please!).

I am so happy after getting this reading. Specially when I saw that the cards want me to live a Hermit’s life and refrain from love live. Wow, what a lovely reading. My cards loves me so much.

Thank you Spells8 and Blue Moon Aquarius tarot ritual for guiding me properly. @anneshakargupta


Thanks for spread @Princess_Tara! I’m glad you were happy with your reading. I’m feeling good about mine too, hoping for a lot of positive change this lunar cycle. This moon had me feeling a little jumpy this weekend, hope this coming week is more restful.
1)king of wands (r)- I’m in a place where I need more confidence
2)4 of wands (r)- I need to shed my social life for as a barometer for success.
3)7 of Pentacles- take stock of what success I have had, focus on past success to build confidence
4)knight of cups- emotional courage
5)queen of cups (r)- focus on family, be brave
6) judgement- thank goodness, change is on the way. I need to shake some things off and start fresh!


My pleasure

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My pleasure. Thanks for sharing your work.

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