Books I have found helpful

I recently reread this trilogy. I had read it when I was younger and found different meanings at that time. This time I read and found other helpful insights to help calm the irrational inside of me and helped give me clarity. I simply wanted to share and hope that it helps others.

Walk in beauty my Friends, until next we meet…


These look so interesting! Thanks for sharing @zulieka :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They look like lovely books, @zulieka! :open_book: It’s wonderful to see traditional wisdom being passed on to benefit all :two_hearts: Thanks for sharing this recommendation.

I think re-reading books is a great way to see favorite stories in a new way. Sometimes old books can be seen in a whole new light when read a few years later! :books::grin:


I have adored reading since I was a mere girl! I’ve always been “hypersensitive” and because of that I’m quite timid to socialize much to this day. My sister always said it was because I thought I was better than everyone, which hurt greatly. So I read anything I could get my hands on.
To quote a childhood cartoon, knowledge is power. :grin:


This is a great quote- I love it! :two_hearts: And it’s unfortunate your sister thought that- sometimes being quiet and hesitant to socialize means nothing more than being shy. Books have always been a safe haven- they are so warm and welcoming! :books:

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