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Hello, everyone! I’m looking for book recommendations from you all. They can be witchy, or non-witchy! I like fantasy, horror, mystery, and ones with meanings. Right now I’m rereading the Game of Thrones series, but as I’ve read them before I would like something else to read too! What is your favorite book??


the Spellmonger series is rather entertainig

A fun listen


If you like kindle I’d recommend Charlie n Holmberg , she writes wonderful magical fantasy. :sparkling_heart:


I really enjoyed the GoT books- I wonder if we’ll ever actually get the next one! I’m excited to see how they play out differently from how the TV series ended :eyes:

Books are happily a very hot topic around here! :blush: If you ever find yourself with some time and the urge to browse, I recommend looking through the Book Club Review List- it contains all of the books that have ever been reviewed by the Spells8 Book Club. Many of them are magickal and about the Craft, but there have been plenty of fantasy reads as well- you can search by keyword to find ones that you might like :mag:

If you’re on the hunt for some magickal reading, there is a list of “Craft classics” here:

Gosh, I don’t think I could choose just one! :laughing: I recently read The Priory of the Orange Tree (and its prequel A Day of Fallen Night) and got obsessed- it’s a really fantastic fantasy series. It is often compared to GoT for the multiple main characters, immense world, and surprises- although I found the Priory series a bit easier to read, it isn’t quite as dark and grim as GoT is.

Hope you can find a new book that you love, @amandakay- when you do, feel free to come read it with us in Book Club (if you’d like)! :blush:

Happy reading! :books: :heart:


I really enjoyed M.A. Phillips’ series Rituals of Rock Bay. They’re magical realism, and the author is a Druid herself! I actually wrote about them on my blog because I found them to be super inspirational :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Inspiration from Rock Bay - 'Round the Cauldron


I like Yasmsine Galenorn’s stuff, it’s action fantasy written by a witch. Really fun stuff. Realistic too, like for instance one of her heroines is divorced and a little bit pudgy. I like that.

If you follow her mailing list, she gives away a book each weekend, so you’ll be able to get a taste of her writing because man she does a lot of it. I’m a fast reader and I can’t keep up.


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