BOS 2840 page pdf download on Esty

Just got this if anyones interested, it may take some time to read it, so don’t wait for a review :grinning:

*67% off atm, I got it for £1.61

@BryWisteria i don’t think this is copyrighted, so I could post the file. Let me know if thats OK please :pray:


Hi @peetamba,

Wow- what a resource! Thank you for the sharing the link, it’s fun to see- that is a massive book! :open_book: :astonished:

Thank you very much for checking, Peetamba- it’s appreciated! :pray:

This is a bit of a strange case when it comes to copyright- this book is for sale (and content from behind a paywall can not be shared, as per the Forum Guidelines), but while the .pdf purchased from the shop can’t be shared, it doesn’t seem like the Etsy shop is the owner of the work/holder of the copyright of the content within their .pdf :thinking:

I’m guessing that, from seeing their other books, they are repackaging and selling content that is in the public domain.

After a bit of digging, it seems like at least some of the content they are using in the book comes from The Internet Book of Shadows, which is available online via Sacred Texts.

There is a note on copyright about sharing the pieces on the site:


Practically all of the files below are copyrighted but redistributable for non-commercial purposes. Consult each file for particulars.

According to this, it would be fine to share the individual works that are redistributable for non-commercial purposes here in the forum. (That being said, I’ll tag @MeganB- she’s a pro when it comes to copyright detective work! :female_detective: :heart:)

Everything considered, the link to the shop is helpful and I’ll also leave the link to the version of the works that are available to the public for free on Sacred Texts- everyone here should be able to look and view them for free there! (or can purchase the more organized format in the shop if they prefer) :grinning: :+1:

Thank you again for sharing about it, Peetamba- it’s a really amazing collection and I’m happy to have been able to learn about! I’ll definitely be reading some of the pieces- I see some on Imbolc that look really nice :candle: :blush:


Probably safer to err on the side of caution :blush:


Having looked at Sacred Texts, I suspect it’s most likely a direct lift :flushed::rofl:


You’re spot-on here :+1: :blush: if the seller took directly from Sacred Texts, then it would be okay to share the information directly from Sacred Texts with a link, per their guidelines. The reason they can have a copyright disclaimer is that they’re the ones who have done all the legwork putting everything digital, if that makes sense. At least, that’s how I understand it. The works themselves are technically in the Public Domain, but when someone adds to them with different notes, translations, etc. it becomes more complicated.

@peetamba – I think if there are specific sections of the digital file you wanted to share, you could copy/paste the text with a link to where it comes from. Sharing the digital file, though, isn’t a good idea.


Good to know :+1::pray:


Wise words from a wise soul! I agree- when it comes to something as complex as copyright, it’s always better to play it safe :grin: :+1:

Complicated indeed! Thanks so much for checking on it, Megan- you’re very good with these kinds of copyright puzzles! :jigsaw: :grinning: :heart:

by Micheal Hall
distributed by PAN - the Psychic Awareness Network -

Note - by Matrika, co-sysop - this ritual was written by someone I knew
from the Boston MA. area a couple of years back. It is based on a
combination of the lore of the Wicca and some of the afro-caribbean
diaspora traditions of Paganism and Magick.

From Sacred Texts: Imbolc (Solitary Ritual)

There are some really interesting and fun rituals, spells, and other pieces in the book- I’ve only clicked through a few of the Imbolc-related ones so far, but I’m enjoying them (and learning) a lot!

Thank you again, @peetamba- much gratitude to you! :pray: :heart: :books:


It’s really weird but that is exactly the one I copied into my own BOS this morning. I guess Imbolc is coming up :joy:


You know what they say about great minds thinking alike :grin: :+1: Or perhaps it’s that coven “hive mind” at it again! :laughing:

Faster than I can keep track of- it’ll be here before we know it! :joy:

Blessed early Imbolc blessings to you! :sparkles: :seedling: :candle:


Megan, I’m doing a painting of Brigid for Imbolc. The picture of her I’m using as a reference has three fingers on her left hand and five on the right. Is there some symbolic thing going on here or is the guy who did it just having a laugh :joy:?


Uhh… that’s an odd image :joy: Do you mind sharing it? I don’t think there’s any significance to it and I haven’t seen a painting like that myself. Is it possible the image is AI-generated? AI-generative technology has issues with details on people such as faces, hands, and the like. Often, that’s one of the first ways you can tell an image is AI-generated.


Aha good point, yes it probably is, I did an AI of a forest gate recently that ended up with these weird Guinea fowl type creatures walking around :joy:

You have to look very hard at the hands :smiley:


Yeah, that’s AI-generated :laughing: The watermark goes to a DeviantArt account that does generative AI artwork.

It’s a beautiful image and I’m sure your painting is going to look amazing!


Ha, we shall see. Guaranteed it won’t look anything like the AI one :joy:


haha but that’s the thing - it will be better because it was created by you, a person who has a vested interest in the artwork you’re doing! (also, though I think AI work is very interesting and beautiful, I’m biased against it lol)


You’re very kind, but I too am fascinated by AI work.the way I look at it is I may be able to use that extra intelligence generated inspiration in my own work. :smiley:

I shouldn’t promote AI, as one of my sons is an animator in the film business. He’s worried his job is under threat :confused:


I think using AI-generative images as inspiration is a wonderful idea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have friends who have been negatively impacted by the way AI is “taught” to create art, so I understand. It’s another tool - and just like any tool, it’s only as good as those who use it.

I can’t wait to see what your painting looks like if you feel like sharing!


We’ll see :blush: