BOS barriers

Both books are beautiful, @Artemisia. I have that same “messing it up” anxiety which has paralyzed me in the past. I also like your point of keeping the book able to move with you.


@Kasandra I have completely used the phone notes approach myself, but try as I might to organize, I end up spending more time searching for what I think I may have written than actually using what I’ve written.


You’re absolutely right. I´m also a newbie in all the magic stuff, and it would be very unfair if I say anything bad about anybody. I firmly believe that we can all help each other and that we can learn from anyone.

But thank you so much for you wise words! I am relieved to think that I am not making unfair use of the printables by translating them into Spanish. And if someone needs it, they just have to ask me! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Yeah, a little bit! I try to stick as much as I can to the original, butt Spanish and English are sooooo different in some things!! It helps me to improve my English and to memorize it!!

Thank you very much :heart:


Yes, I think so! The first BOS I had was full of crossed out words and notes everywhere and I didn’t like having it all so disorganized.


You’re very welcome! I find sometimes that videos can help explain things a bit better – plus they usually have examples :laughing:

That’s true! I know a bit of Spanish from my schooling and you’re right! I’m glad it helps you with your English, though. That’s always a plus!


Hey @ben1 this is just a cheap binder from Walmart. I cut halloween scrapbook paper to fit inside the cover.


What a great idea, @Ostara. I really like how that looks!


My ultimate dream is to have the information from my best Pinterest boards into a scrapbook as a big grimoire :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Artemisia commonplace books are so much fun! The original grimoires, really!



Merry Meet Ben.

The 3-ring binder is best as it allows one to edit accordingly. As you become more honed in the craft, your favorite section will get quite cumbersome and jumbled. As for the sections, this is based on personal preference. I have mine set up as a sort of encyclopedia.

Cover Sheet (usually picture of sorts that represents me)
Blessing page
Wiccan Reed page
Spell pages
Candles - based on elements within color spectrum;
Herbs - details on each herb and uses;
Crystals - details and pictures of each crystal generally sorted within by color;
Arts - this is kind of the catch all for items that do not fall into the above like my Mala page. More informational with pictures.

As Meaghan and Siofria have stated the clear sleeve inserts will serve you well. The notes and “bobs” can be placed without marring the original page for reference. It is important to update as one finds that certain items will work better than others. I would only do that one item in need of updating to completion. There is no need to feel overwhelmed. One page at a time, just like one day at a time.

Many blessings with the craft and your BOS/Grimoire.



Merry meet, Durga!

I very much like your organization and approach and one day at a time reminder. I also intrigued that you have a mala section as I use malas for meditation sometimes as well.

My binder/dividers/page holders are on they where and I will share with with all once it’s set up.

All blessings!


I had an entry here when I first joined :infinite_roots: that was too detailed and written quickly and didn’t make entire sense so instead of linking to it, I tried to write up something that would be helpful (the first three paragraphs) and more detailed information in case you were interested, apologies in advance for lack of brevity on my part.

One of the ways my grimoire/BOS evolved to what they are today was that I started a commonplace book/journal/junk journal long ago with everything and I mean everything in it - I made it part of my daily practice to write in it all the good, the bad, the ugly, the successes, the trials - and would tag it with a certain sticky note type thing when it was worthy of more consideration after time — nowadays, in addition and for tracking purposes I keep a running index on computer of things I have in my daily practice journal (which you will see below I’ve named my MUSE LIBRARY) that I would like to consider moving into my formal personal Grimoire typically yearly. I also have created an index online to refer to pages within my Muse journals and Shadow journals where I refer to so that I find specific things quicker - for a quick and easy example, when I write in my physical muse journal about Mabon this year I will go to my online index and under the subject Mabon I will give the specific journal entry and date something like this:
Muse Library
Book #247
Page #52
Thursday, September 22, 2022

I didn’t start a personal grimoire with concrete spells and rituals for years after I started journaling and practicing because doing so ended up with me feeling very much like everyone I’ve seen here - it felt like it wasn’t good enough yet or I wasn’t sure of the ‘right’ aesthetics or what to include or not, or how to move things around. All things most of us (especially if you’re Type A or OCD) have a rough time putting our head around, so it paralyzes and frustrates us.

Since I’ve been a solitary practitioner for 30+ years until I joined this forum a few months ago, I just did what I felt was right - which is right for me!! I am still moving through my journey of sharing what I do magickally with others and I like it and learning a lot from everyone here. I feel like I will be more open to SHOWING and not just telling what is going on - since I haven’t shown (pictures) to anyone what I do yet - this part is new to me but enlightening and makes me happy!

I have many decades of magikal journals that I call my Muse Library and are numbered 1 - 247 right now and counting (they are all 5x8) which are chronological. I call them my muse journals because they are what I write in when I am absorbed in thought and inspired or wish to be inspired - it’s where I brain dump my magickal daily journal ‘musings’ and if that’s not a muse, I don’t know what is! Sometimes it really is a commonplace book. I don’t move around pages but use it as an actual magickal journey and put everything in it, literally - a true scrapbook/junk journal - and as long as it pertains to my practice, it goes in. If I’m on the road or remote, I’ll type up what I am thinking and then either transcribe it into my physical journal, or even just print it out and paste it in!

Since I am an herbalist, I do keep separate my herbalist journals and recipes for things that aid wellness and also recipes that are meant for consumption from my magickal journal/library. If something suits magick in my apothecary, then I will make an entry for how to use it magickally in my current Muse Journal.

Sometimes I will refer to an entry within my Muse journals in an entry in my Book of Shadows which I named for books I use to do my shadow work (I know that’s not common in our witchy culture, but it’s what I’ve always done and what makes sense to me when I was in my 20’s so it stuck) and I will journal away about everything I’ve learned, how I feel, what changes I want to make and what I’m thinking, any healing work I’ve done emotionally and ancestoral guidance. Both of these (Muse Library-ML and Book of Shadows-BoS) are chronological. My BoS however, comes in many shapes and sizes and I have close to 50 of these over the decades and they are each focused on a subject matter - like relationship with my mother (adopted mother); work life; each child; sleep and dreaming; herbal apothecary to magick as examples. I do have a bunch of other journals from childhood up, and some online I use for other things, but these are dedicated to my practice.

When I keep going back to something over and over again, and I believe it is something I’ve culled and honed over time that works well for me, I will then designate it as something to consecrate into my Personal Grimoire and I will create a page to look lovely and insert it where it makes the most sense and hold a consecration ritual for it’s entry. This personal grimoire contains everything I actually do USE and that has been proven to work for me over the years/decades - I do use a scrapbook type of binder from Creative Memories typically with either the beige or black pages and the clear covers, 12x12 inches. - I have 3 now completed, which is one per witchy decade of mine - 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and now I’m working on making the 4th one - my 50’s - I will add and remove pages as I go, organize and move them around as it is appropriate to the right category and fuss with this look and feel a little more than any other work I have. - and it works perfect for me. I feel it is truly a Magickal Book.

In turn, if something in my Personal Grimoire is something that I think is beneficial for others in my family or in generations to come, or even for posterity sake, I will take this entry from my Personal Grimoire and transcribe it into my Family Grimoire, intended to pass down - although not to say that some of my journals or books of spells would not get passed down, but they are very informal compared to the Family Grimoire which I also believe to be Magickal.

Book of Shadows - I do my shadow work - journal per subject matter and use whatever calls to me for that subject. Some I have for decades and are still active, some come into and out of being active - they are varied sizes.

Muse Journal Library - (commonplace book / junk journal) comprised of 5x8 inch notebooks typically filled once a quarter, usually sync with seasons, are chronological and are a day to day dump of what I think and do magickally.

Personal Grimoire - I transcribe some of the most active and relevant working spells, anecdotes, rituals, mantras, chants, charm bags, etc into it from my Muse Journals - usually less than a handful every year or so. They need to really be used and proven to get consecrated into my Personal Grimoire for yearly reference.

Family Grimoire - I have a grimoire passed down from 3 generations of witches in my family dating back to early 1800s and I am taking relevant items from it (some of the herbal remedies are not considered safe anymore) and creating a second Family Grimoire along with items from my own Personal Grimoire to pass down to my own children/family. The new Family Grimoire is a very large leather ornate grimoire and it’s very cool - I love it. I intend to have my two family Grimoires ready to pass down to my kids - and since I have 5 kids, I know at least 2 of them will want one. They will also most likely get the personal grimoires too as a reference — But - NOT TIL I’M GONE!! :rofl:
:magic_wand: :crystal_ball: :white_heart:


@jan_TheGreenWitch I am beyond impressed with how you’ve organized your Muse journals (great name!) as well as your logic and passion about them. I completely relate to your comment about being Type A or OCD. Mostly, I’m impressed by your commitment to your recording your thoughts. I find that both inspirational and helpful. As someone who has been a wandering pagan for so long I changed hats so often that I didn’t put the necessary roots down and I think our journaling, musing, or whatever we call it is part of that. Thank you!


I love the outside of the BoS! really very pretty.


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