BoS printable PDFs - which would go to which BoS section with printable divider pages?

Uhm, which of your printable BoS pages would go to which section with printable divider pages? Just wondering.


Hello @laurel1,

To clarify, are you asking about these Book of Shadows Divider Pages? If so, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sorting the content in your Book- what one person considers to be a “spell”, another might consider to be a “potion”, and so on.

As you add spells, rituals, chants, recipes and more to your magickal collection, you will begin to find ways to sort the content that work best for you.

Although to help you get started, you might consider looking at the suggested content beneath each Divider Page- see the link there? Here is a screenshot:

From Spells8: Book of Spells Divider Pages

If you click the link beneath each Divider Page title, it will bring you to a place where you can find lots of content for that category. Feel free to print out any printable pages and add them to your BoS as you wish!

Good luck and happy crafting your Book of Shadows! :open_book: :sparkles:


I mean, if I was to go to add one of the printable BoS PDFs, where would the Wiccan Rede one (just for a bit of context) go?


Ahh, I see! Personally, I would put the Wiccan Rede after the “Index” page but before the first category- it’s a very powerful piece that those who choose to follow it use to guide their entire practice. However, you could also make a case for putting it in the “Wiccan Wisdom” category.

There really are no “right” or “wrong” answers when building your personal Book- what works for one person may not work or make sense for the next. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your Book works for you! :grinning: :open_book:

When designing your first BoS, you might consider using a three-ring binder- that way it is easy to quickly move and rearrange things. @Berta shared a picture of her beautiful BoS in a binder here:

Once you’ve figured out an order and system that works for you, you could seal the binding and make it permanent. Just an idea!

Wishing you all the best, Laurel- blessed be! :sparkles:


Hahaha, when you join spells8 you need to get a reem of paper and a few sets of printer cartridges :rofl: There is so much information on this site I hve filled 3 three ring binders. :sweat_smile:

I’m glad I went with 3 ring binders, at least until I become comfortable wit the information and where to best organize it. :sweat_smile: :exploding_head: Maybe later I can do a proper BOS/BOM. The junk journel looks like fun :sparkling_heart:


My BoS is a 3 ring binder, and also, where would the devotionals go (even if copied from spells8 to Docs, or Word, or whatever word processor software you use?)


Hahaha perhaps there should be a little notification in the intro- by the way, you might want to own stock in a printing or publishing company- get ready for a library-load of information coming your way! :books: :laughing:

I would personally put the devotional chants and prayers into the “Prayers” category.

From Spells8: Divider Pages

But I could see how some people would put them into the “Deities” category- I suppose it depends on whether or not you are also collecting general information on deities.

Again, do whatever works best for you! Since you have a 3-Ring Binder, you are able to rearrange and reorganize however you’d like- there’s a lot of freedom there! :blush:

Blessed be


But personally I wanted them in the order listed on the page, wiith the cover page under the plastic on the front of my J. Burrows 3 D-ring insert binder, and the blank page under same aforementioned plastic covering of my 3 ring binder. Ostara’s zooming closer, Southern hemisphere, as I’m a NZ-born Aussie citizen, one day before my birthday, which is 24th September. I have a separate 2 ring binder for my Mirror Book (termed as such because I felt like saying Mirror Book instead of Book of Mirrors).


Oh, absolutely- feel free to organize and arrange them in whatever way feels right to you! :blush:

Happy early birthday and early Ostara to you, Laurel- wishing you many blessings and lots of happiness! :heart: :partying_face:

Love and Light!


I’m asking because I wrote one for love using certain herbs with help from reference from the Green Witch herbal magick course and published it on encantoes6 on SoM. Which section would it go to using the printable BoS divider pages?


Hi Laurel!

I hope you don’t mind that I rehomed the new post into the already ongoing discussion about divider sections and BoS placement- this makes it easier for other people with the same question to find everything.

I personally keep all of my herbal recipes in my Herbal Grimoire, so, looking at the Spells8 Divider Pages, I’d say a good home for it could be in the “Herbs & Green Magick Section”

From Spells8: Free BoS Divider Pages

Blessed be and happy organizing! :sparkles:


Thanks, @BryWisteria! ~ Blessed be!


It’s my pleasure, Laurel! Blessed be :blush: :heart: