Bowl of salted water under bed spell

I forgot which spell on spells8 requires a bowl of salted water be put under your bed for one night? I remember the mechanics of it, but I want to refresh myself on the symbolism.


Try searching for “under the bed” from the home page.
You should get an article Glass of Water Under Bed: What Does this Magic Do? Written by Megan Black, Posted on December 26, 2022 in Spells8 blog .
She says "you can take this ritual a step further by adding different ingredients to your water for different intentions.

  • Add a pinch of salt to promote deeper cleansing.
  • Add a pinch of lavender to promote peaceful sleep.
  • Add a few rose petals to promote self-love.
  • Use moon water created during a Full Moon, or any other moon phase, to bring in the energy of that moon phase."

Hope this helps.


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It sounds like the wonderful @bj1 has you covered with the salt water under the bed spell! I hope it serves you well :blush:

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