Breathing Into Tension

Mindfulness Exercises scripted in this video is by Sean Fargo.

Why are mindfulness exercises so important?

Mindfulness is a bridge that grants us with a deeper understanding of whatever is currently present within and around us. With anxiety, depression, and stress prevalent across the globe, mindfulness practice has never been more necessary than it is today.

Research shows many benefits to mindfulness:

1 - Reduce anxiety
2 - Reduce depression
3- Lower stress levels
4 - Reduce the experience of pain
5 - Increase empathy and self-compassion
6 - Improve relationships
7 - Improve focus and attention
8 - Improve communication
9 - Brings a sense of harmony
10 - Improves immune system function
11 - Enhances sleep quality
12 - May reduce insomnia


This is wonderful information :slight_smile: I need to work on teaching my kids more mindfulness. Thanks, @SilverBear


So many benefits to meditation- and what a lovely video to help get people started with mindfulness meditation! :woman_in_lotus_position::two_hearts: Beautiful and helpful as always- thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, @SilverBear! :pray:

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