Bullet Journal? Is What Exactly?

Okay old woman here, not used to some new ideas. I have been seeing a lot about a “Bullet Journal”. What exactly is a bullet journal, how is it used etc???

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Great question! I heard of it too! It’s a very interesting system. These are the basics:

Bullets are short-form sentences paired with symbols that visually categorize your entries into: Tasks, Events, or Notes.


Tasks can have one of five states:


Tasks, Events, and Notes can be mixed and matched, and even nested inside one another:


Signifiers are symbols that give your entries additional context at a glance.

‘*’ = Priority
‘!’ = Inspiration


Putting it all together:


OH my gosh… I just make a one line list and cross it off when done and go to the other. I would get confused…lol

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I feel the same way…I tried a bullet journal before and I found myself wasting more time making it look pretty than I did accomplishing my actual list. LOL!


I know! I was reading what @Francisco posted and I am like, I have to remember all of that? Goodness, junk paper or a post it works for me!


I have a friend who has one and she has stickers, and artwork…and every color marker…I wonder if she actually gets ANYTHING accomplished besides her Bullet Journal. LOL!


LOL that’s right!

But I think I like the idea of bullet journaling because you can look back after some time and have great memories. I mean, it’s not just for chores but for life events and things that are happening, without having to keep an actual diary.


I would spend all my time looking for my markers…since one cannot simply use pink instead of the called for orange…:yum: I would not be able to sleep at night of I mixed up baby blue with sky blue…:hugs:

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