Calling all green witches! My Besty has seen better days. ☹️

So I have had my Chinese Evergreen who I have named Everett since late March. We have been doing awesome until earlier this month. Now he has some dying leaves and is yellow and brown. Not certain if I have over watered him? I know that our air is fairly dry so may have overdone it as far as watering goes. Does anyone have any suggestions or can see something that I can’t? I am blind so can’t get a good full picture of what it is that’s going on. Any help or suggestions are so appreciated. I definitely want to help my buddy out as soon as I can.


First thought with the yellow is overly wet soil either by over watering or inadequate drainage but I don’t see any evidence of white spots at the base which is good.

That particular variety doesn’t need much drainage but that means little forgiveness of over watering. The top of the soil should feel moist but not wet, I use that back of the middle of a finger to judge.

First I would take off the leaves that the stem has turned yellow. If he is in a pot in a pot, I would take him out of the outer pot for a couple of days. If not, I’d slowly and carefully make a few small holes, just in from the edge of the pot for a little air. A chopstick works well for this.

It’s hard to tell the size of the pot but if it’s on the big side, you can put a couple closer in. I can’t remember the root structure of that particular plant but if you meet any kind of resistance, pick a different area.


Hi Vermilion!

Nixi kindly has you covered- I would have guessed a water issue too, looking at the yellow leaves.

Depending on your location, another thing to be aware of at this time of year is the shift in the temperature. The majority of plants fade away by nature as the season grows cold, preparing to drop seeds or go dormant depending on the variety. Even indoors, some plants will feel the change. There are plants in my mother’s greenhouse who just refuse to stick around, even in what should be ideal conditions for them! Plants truly have minds of their own :sweat_smile: :potted_plant:

All that is to suggest- is Everett in a place where there could be a cold draft? You might consider moving him to a different location to see if that helps.

Just another thought to add to the mix! Wishing you and your Everett all the best :pray: :green_heart:


You’ve already gotten some great suggestions, so I’m just here to offer my moral support! :joy: I hope Everett perks back up soon! :herb:


Thank you all for your help! Dispite our best efforts, Everett didn’t make it. Yes he was over-watered and there was a bit of a draft and I had nowhere else I could put him in our shoe box of an apartment.


Oh no! I’m so sorry for the loss of your Everett, @Vermilion_plus_souls - he was a good plant :people_hugging: :heart:

If, in the future, you think you might want to try again with another plant buddy, maybe there’s a type that would be okay in your apartment’s climate? There are so many types of houseplants- where some struggle, other types thrive. I’m sure with a bit of research (and maybe talking with a local nursery? They are a great resource!) you could find a match.

Lots of love and blessings to you! :pray: :green_heart:


I feel you there. When i first moved in with my now husband i was so excited to find a beautiful bromeliad and it did not like the spot that was only place to put it. Basil, mint, spider pants, i can’t even keep an African Violet alive here and that is like my thing. I’ve been saving neglected African Violets since i was a kid. I can’t keep anything alive here. Even my sister can’t kill mint.

I’m sorry for your loss. I know how they can become almost a part of the family.

If you have a window in your kitchen, you could try a spider pant. They love kitchens and are okay with indirect light as long as it’s more than just a bright room and they can be hung so they don’t take up much room. They do well in bathrooms too.


Thank you for the awesome suggestions and support! Yes, he is missed, and yes I will be getting a new plant friend. I was actually thinking of getting them on or around Imbolc to bring springtime to my altar! I’m looking forward to researching and finding my new friend. I’ve gotten so many awesome plant suggestions and can’t wait to learn about them all.


What a lovely idea! :green_heart:

I hope you can find the perfect match for you and your space- may your new plant friend be a wonderful buddy who brings life and joy to your altar! :potted_plant: :two_hearts:

Blessed be!