Calling quarters, what do you envision?

For those of you who call the quarters, what do you envision, in cases where you invoke Spirits (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) and Guardians (East, South, West, North)? I feel like I have a good visual on the elements (I perceive them as divine aspects of nature)…but I have also read “elementals” referred to as sylphs, salamanders, ondines and gnomes! Likewise, when I invoke guardians of the ____, my vision of “what” I was speaking tends to be far more hazy than my concept of elements. But I have been reading that is advisable to be precise in your mind when you are invoking the spirit of ANYTHING (lest something less desirable step in, maybe?)…so just what are those guardians? I read one interpretation of the guardians as specific archangels. But that wouldn’t work for every witch and I’m not dedicated to the idea myself. I admit that it hadn’t occurred to me to really figure this out for myself and I feel I should. So I would like to know – when you think of the guardians of the East, South, West, North (or the watchtowers), what images come up in your mind? Do you have something specific?


This is fascinating! I am eager to read more about this! I haven’t called the quarters for anything yet… but maybe I’ll get there one day!


Every morning I call the corners when invoking the sphere of Hekas. I call upon the guardians of the watchtowers of each direction Abaek the taurokarneno ( Minotaur) guardian of the east Pyrhum the Ipprosopolus (horse headed trident carrying)guardian of the south Ermetti the Drakina Guardian of the west( serpent/ dragon lady like Tiamat, Who feasts on the blood of man)and Dimgali the Kynokaephalos Guardian of the north (Lycan woman) all are bound servants of Hekate. I didn’t like the language used in English to describe Dimgali so I looked up the Ancient Greek Ephetets for them through research into Hekate I may have spelled the Greek incorrect but te names are correct and you get the picture. This is my daily ritual I perform every morning and before weekly offerings and workings. Does anyone else invoke these spirits or am I alone in this practice. I’m aware most of my practice is based on ancient traditions similar to Carthaginian and Zoroastrian ceremonial Magick. But it works for me.


I go for very simple. For East, I imagine a spring morning, with apple blossoms. There are butterflies, sparrows, and hummingbirds.

For South, I imagine a hot desert rock at Midday. There’s a monitor lizard, a rattlesnake, and a lion.

For West, I imagine a cove in Autumn, with fish and dolphins swimming. There are fall leaves in the water.

For North, I imagine a forest scene at night, and it’s snowing. There’s a rabbit and a fox snuggled together, and a tortoise.

And I don’t know if I’m weird, but I call Spirit as an element and imagine the Lord and Lady joining me. I then invoke them and then move on with my ritual.

I hope that helps you!