Can i use the energy source from fire and other elements?

Hi all my magickal people,
I have a question since as always i am curious. So as the title suggests, can i use fire or other elements as an energy source? The reason i ask is i know we ground and use the earth as an energy source and breathing as well which is obviously requires the element of air, but what about fire? I ask as i notice when ever i go to light a candle, incense or anything else, i feel this massive wave of energy like i am connected to the fire somehow. Its strange but i become so mesmerised and if i was an onlooker i am pretty sure i tend to just stare at my zippo lighter for ages until i have snapped out of it and then go “oh that’s right i need to light the candle” lol. So what do you think can i use fire as an energy source? I don’t know if this matters but i am a Leo and my element is fire any who and i feel way more connected to the energy of the sun than i do of the energy of the moon (although her energy is also spectacular)… :heartpulse: :woman_shrugging: :blush:


Absolutely! I probably cant explain it like anybody else but its an element just like earth. I used to boil water and get distracted. I’d stare into eternity at the bubbles. Lol or I’d be watching waves and it would calm me so much! I miss living near water!

Ok someone else can chime in with their intelligence!!! :laughing:


@christina4 I don’t know how “intelligent” this is going to sound but! Here goes anyway…

In my opinion, it’s not a matter of if you can, you are. You obviously have some kind of strong connection to the element of fire & being at least a fire :sun: sign & you feel a “wave of energy”, I think the main element that you’re connected to is fire. The others are there for you, but their connections aren’t the same.

Before I knew anything about anything to do with this path of life or even before my mom ever told me that I was considered a Scorpio :scorpius:. I had always lived near easily accessible water :ocean: & when I was younger, you couldn’t get me out of the ocean, pool, or rain. I loved the water. Then I found out I was a Scorpio, but that was the extent of it. Literally, all I knew was that I was a Scorpio & my mom was also a Scorpio & when we would butt heads (mostly in the teen years)… it was World War III raining down on my house for at least an hour. Now that I think about it, I should see if I can find out what her birth chart would be… I’ll have to ask my father if he has a copy of her birth certificate :thinking: I wonder how our charts line up :face_with_monocle:

(Technically she was my step mother, however she raised my brother & I since we were toddlers. We were both very strong women with 2 different views & experiences in life)

I was 17 & moved to a landlocked state… I had so much trouble adjusting to what seemed to me like, nowhere to go when something wasn’t right. I used to go to a body of water that was near me & watch the waves, put my feet in the water, play with the water, sit by the water…any litany of things I would be at the water for comfort. I moved to a landlocked city after that & about a year later I came home to MA because I can take less than a 1/4 mile walk & be at the Atlantic ocean or less than a 2-mile drive to different ponds or rivers. I live on the coastline now. Even growing up we were more inland. However, since being here… there is a different kind of calm when I’m in alignment & coping & being myself.

We had a rainstorm last night. All-day I felt it was going to rain at some point. I thought maybe today. However, at 3 AM, I was up to thunder & flashes of lightning coming through my window & rain coming down like a popup downpour in FL. It went on for a while, so I have technically been awake since around 3 AM, it’s also been a while since we got a good rain & I have been hoping for some good rain since we did so much in the yard & the week after we get everything transplanted seems like a great time & it was overnight so as it warms up today, the ground won’t become super dry.

Sorry, rambling excursion: I don’t Always necessarily work with water in my whatever throughout my days, but it is a major part of my life & myself as a whole & because of that my practice.

What’s even more coincidental… my daughter is also water :sun: sign (so is 1 of my sons & shares a sign with his father also, the other is the opposite :sun: sign of me :taurus: Taurus :sun:, Taurus :full_moon:, & :gemini: Gemini :arrow_up: & we share a :arrow_up: sign. (He shares a sign with my father, but not placement) She is also so very connected to water. She actually has 8 weeks of sailing lessons coming up, helped put the boat in the water & get the inside ready for the season, & has at least 4 bathing suits because you never know when you are going to need a suit & the other is drying or in the wash or was in saltwater but you’re going into fresh/brackish water… 13-year-old girls are fun… then she has a “spa” in the outdoor shower house when she gets home from swimming anywhere pool or body of natural water… basically my daughter practices better self-care than I do & I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. :rofl:

I’m not sure how helpful that was but thank you for reading… words & I aren’t getting along when it comes to rambling lately :joy:

I’m sure others will have ideas for you too that maybe are more helpful. Seriously @christina4… I’m not sure intelligent is what I would call my answer. :laughing:


Hi, What a great question, it made me really think!
I believe everything has an energy and although man has tragically learned to split the atom, they cannot stop energy. Re-channel it, yes, disrupt it, yes, but to obliterate it, no.

Let me discuss the Elements which is such a great part of Magick, as we all know.
Water, through dams and such can be disrupted and rechanneled or converted into electricity.
Wind (Air)? The huge windmills around the country converts wind into power also, for centuries it has served as a pump to pull water up out of the ground.
Fire has always been a great power terrible at times but a great power. (destruction, heat, etc.) but can also be channeled. Heat has been used to say turn water, into steam. (think, steam locomotives, even the steam hair curler or the steam iron.).
Earth is unbelievably powerful. Volcanoes, earth quakes, etc.
Then the domino effect, like, volcanoes start fires & pyroclastic flows destroy everything in its path. Earthquakes cause extensive destruction with the movement or vibration of the earth, which also can lead to tsunami’s and or flooding.
Winter landslides are a deadly unstoppable force. The earth is almost a power within herself from which the other elements really are dependent, For without the earth, none of the others could exist.
Now, remember Khadija, this is not written in stone facts, but in theory they should be true.

So to answer your question, Yes, you can redirect or use the power you feel as a source of energy to absorb and channel into your Magick.

Well, My darling girl. I’m sure that, that was as clear as mud, but I hope it helped.
Sending love and wisdom


The short answer is Yes! You have received some great answers from @christina4, @Susurrus, and @Garnet! And I can’t think of anything else to add so I’ll say no more! Let us know how it goes.


@marsha looking back on my reply, I will be the first to say it, I started out okay, then went around the world rambling :rofl: I’m gong to have to reel in that energy that is clearly just doing what it wants right now :joy:


I’m so sorry this is not related to your post but I am a Muslim venturing into this path and I’d just love to know how you use the Lord and Lady (if you do) in any rituals, ceremonies, invocations, etc. and basically how you balance the two belief systems. You look so fabulous in your picture by the way and I’m excited to know I’m not the only Muslim here. <3


I didn’t mean to imply that your post was rambling… I enjoyed reading your post. My post was so short because I couldn’t think of anything to add! :thinking:


Thanks @Garnet yes it did help. I don’t know what it is about fire. I think it reflects how i see myself well as it can be very useful and mesmerizing and at the same time very dangerous lol (not saying i’m dangerous but it has a darker side and everyone does so its both good and bad in a sense like us humans).
I do resonate with the other elements such as wind when i am on my bike i close my eyes and breathe in the fresh air. Its quite lovely as the trail has great wild greenery.
With water i just can’t explain to you the feeling i go through when i swim, take a shower and even simply drinking water. Its like a major boost in energy.
And finally earth. There is nothing like just walking onto the fresh dewy grass bare foot and feel all mother earth has to offer…
Thanks for clearing things up and yes you were of good help. I am glad to see others feel the same way… :blush: :heartpulse:


Hi @annakya . Well obviously as a Muslim, God (Allah) is obviously is constantly worshipped by both me and my family, but in terms of the horned God, Hekate and Gaia for example, i tend to give offerings. Since alcohol is not permitted here, i use grape juice to represent it and use that for offering and even Coca Cola (Lol its my favourite so i want to give something that i would like to receive).
For me i don’t feel i have to balance both side as to me both my witch practice and my religion feels right as a whole. So for example when i do a money spell i ask Allah for assistance as well as my deities and even add a little prayer note to some spell jars (Bismillah). The reason is i see it as since i am only one person so is my belief. I don’t feel i have to leave my religion to be a witch and vis versa. Also i don’t feel guilty about both sides as you call it as i ask for assistance in rituals and spells from my deities and in my prayers to Allah as i see fit. It depends on what i am asking for.
For example when i wanted to loose weight i asked Allah for strength and then on my part i worked hard and 5 months later i am 45kgs down in weight and have maintained it this way for the last 2 months. Another example when i really wanted a pet cat (my husband wont allow it due to their fur and making prayer invalid), i asked Gaia to assist me and now i have 2 kittens.
Anyways, sorry for rambling on but all i can say is do what feels right for you and don’t let other people’s opinions alter how you feel, as i don’t, and even though my husband condemns witchcraft and my practice it doesn’t stop me from having a whole room dedicated to my craft and i even have religious prayer hanging in my witch room (Ayal-to-kortsi) too. Even before finding my witch path people had their opinions about me just as a Muslim alone so not matter what you do there will be always someone with something to say but what matters is how we see our own selves and nothing else as at the end of the day we have to live with ourselves not though who judge us. So live your life and be the best version of yourself is all i can say :blush: :heartpulse:


Oh nope not all, that’s my own thing… I looked at it & went “Really? Just answer the question next time.” :rofl: I know I ramble it’s a thing I’m working on, I’m just becoming more aware of when I do it. If i don’t make it a big deal & I’m lighthearted about it, I dont’ hyperfocus & get my anxiety going over… well… lets face it… nothing… :joy: It was nothing that you said, I took what you said as we did very well answering her & you were showing support. No hard feelings implied or otherwise about it.

My own thing… It’s an anxiety thing I’m working on when that happens, it’s memories coming back at inopportune times & completely random triggers & they make me excited so I want to share them. :hugs:


Sweetheart. It really doesn’t matter who or what you believe or practice.
Be good, do good and harm none? That’s a first class ticket to paradise.
Love and Blessings.


Short and sweet with so much meaning. Couldn’t have summed it up better if i try. Thank you @Garnet :heartpulse:


Great question @TheMuslimWitch,

You’ve got some fantastic advice here already- I agree! Fire can certainly be used as an energy source :fire: :grinning:

As one of the core elements, there are many ways you can draw on fire and its energy in your Craft:


Fire drives away the darkness. It warms our cold bones and stirs the passions inside of us. Fire does not have its own physical existence like the other elements. It comes into being as light and heat in a powerful and dramatic fashion and then once it has consumed an object, it disappears back into another realm. Fire is often linked to the masculine energies as it is protective. Fire is depicted in volcanoes, the phoenix, and transformations.

The element of fire is associated with the cardinal direction south. It corresponds to the magickal tool of the athame. The colors that represent fire most often are red and orange. Fire is closely aligned to transformation and heat as it changes the physical form of any object it encounters. It is used most often as a metaphor for carnal desires as fire in our bodies is linked to passions, lust, and sex. The element of fire is related to strength, activity, and the innate life-force inside of all of us.

From Spells8: Elements of Wiccan Wisdom

Fire Elemental Invocation

Wishing you all the best as you explore your connection to the flame and embrace your fiery Leo energy- happy casting and blessed be! :fire::sparkles:


Thank you this is really great info. Talking of masculine energies i actually have pcos and was told by my GP that the condition can make these women with this condition appear more masculine as a result of low estrogen (since both males and female have both hormones when estrogen is low in women i am sure you can understand why). For me i have big shoulders, quite strong (i have been told my strength is similar to that of a male) and i have a fair amount of muscle mass. I am lucky i have gained these aspects as i am starting to look great muscle wise but i feel for the other women who get the negative symptoms such as excess hair etc…
Anyways what i am trying to say is i feel i resonate in more ways than one when it comes to the element fire. :fire: :fire: :fire: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse:


I know not everyone agrees, but I personally embrace the idea that your sex doesn’t restrict what energies you can use :+1: . I think the ability to channel masculine/feminine energies and traits depends on each individual themselves, regardless of their sex and gender identity :male_sign: :person_in_lotus_position: :female_sign:

It sounds like you are not only able to channel masculine energy, but you embrace that part of you, Khadija- good for you! :heart::blush:

That’s awesome! May you (safely!) connect with the flame- enjoy your fire magick! :fire::sparkles::grinning:


Yes that is nicely said. I do embrace my masculinity and am proud about it! On the other hand i sometimes by just ‘being’ myself make my husband feel less masculine which is a major point to his personality.


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