Can someone back me up on this- fasting related

Hi everyone, so i vape no hiding it (from you guys anyways), and since today is a birthday of one of the children who we highly regard as a Shia Muslims in our faith it is highly recommended to fast. Anyways, i have heard time and time again that smoking while fasting is not permitted, but i think otherwise. I would like a scientific perspective on this rather than a religious one and though since you guys are so good at answering such questions why shouldn’t i ask :blush:
So here is what is told to Muslims based on our prophets views who fast:
“Smoke inhalation – even entering the mouth or nose is invalidating the fast. We have evidence from the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). Smoking is a violation of the sanctity of fasting, because it risks entry into the stomach .” Source- Ramadan Question: Does smoking - if smoke does not enter stomach - break the fast? - Emirates 24/7 Obey the Grand Mufti - Clear The Air News Tobacco Blog – Clear The Air News Tobacco Blog

And here is what i found about fasting: The smoke doesn’t enter the stomach . It goes in to the lungs. And from there the poisons spread throughout the body, producing a euphoric effect in the smoker’s. Source:

The reason i ask is for a few reasons. One: i have already vaped today even though fasting was optional but highly regarded, two: i was going so insane today walking around feeling lost since the fasting time is 15 1/2 hours, and three it says as it can be risked not it will and from being a vaper myself, i can tell it goes in the lungs not in the stomach unless it is absorbed throughout the body.
I was always told if you are in doubt find out what our prophets etc, say don’t go on what newer religious individuals say as it always differs from the truth since as time goes by so does what has being said (except the exception of the Quran as it is always the same).
I am worried as in 1 1/2 months Ramadan is coming and it will be very hard not to Vape…


As I don’t know all the details of your faith, I wouldn’t attempt to give you reasonable answer. But I will say, I honestly never considered before that fasting would apply to smoking or vaping, as I assumed that goes into the lungs not the stomach, so I would be interested to learn more!

As a current vaper and ex smoker I understand how difficult abstaining can be! Hopefully there is someone here who can help you more :blush:

Good luck :two_hearts:


@TheMuslimWitch people use fasting for various religious, health, political, self-discipline rituals and practices all over the world today and it goes back centuries. Some lasting for a day, week, month or longer and some only during day light hours as you probably know.

The purpose of the fast and your intent is always at the core of what is or isn’t included in the fast. If you look at the popular intermittent fasting, there are a few things you can drink (clear broth, coffee, tea) that will not ‘break’ your fast. Whereas if you are protesting and fasting for a political reason like Nelson Mandela’s famous hunger strikes in prison, no food is acceptable as it is a leverage and means to his entire point, strategy and the end result.

In studying religious fasting, not only does the time period, but the religion, the regional culture (America is pretty lenient I’ve noticed), and personal goals for Jewish and Muslim fasting, probably other too - so…. Basically what I’m telling you, is that you need to decide for yourself what your fasting purpose is, why, and the constraints around it based upon these factors along with your own cultural practices and your personal preference - then be strong in your belief if you are challenged in that you took the time, thought, and consideration of fasting when choosing how you would fast. For example, using your vaping: If your purpose of the fast is not to satiate yourself while you fast, and vaping does that, then you may want to consider if you will meet your fasting goals by continuing to vape.

I am not a Wiccan so I’ll let someone else comment on that ritual for you :).

Light and love to you and good luck with your fasting!!! xoxo


Okay, so I went scouring the interwebs looking for scientific information on fasting and smoking/vaping. Here is a basic breakdown of what I found.

Nicotine potentiates gastric aggressive factors and attenuates defensive factors; it also increases acid and pepsin secretions, gastric motility, duodenogastric reflux of bile salts, the risk of Helicobacter pylori infection, levels of free radicals, and platelet-activating factor, endothelin generation, and vasopressin secretion. Source

Although e-liquid uses sweeteners and flavoring agents, the sweeteners are non-caloric and contain zero carbs as there is no added sugar. This means that e-smoking generally will not affect blood sugar when you consume them. However, faith-based fasting (e.g., during Ramadan) may forbid vapes entirely, regardless of sugar content. Source

Honestly, the only scientific reason I can find that would involve vaping and the stomach is the airborne particles that enter the bloodstream do eventually make it to the stomach, just not in a food type of way.

It looks like fasting for Ramadan and other times are purely faith-based.

Jan said it better than I could :laughing:


I mean i will be honest i was attempting to find a way out and as a person who vapes, you must know like anyone else who vapes, how it must help when fasting (not saying it is healthy and i guess i have even tried to stop but i feel with everything going on and giving away my only ‘alone time’ this is all i have left for myself).
My overall concern is the month of fasting is coming up and fasting for the majority of a good 24 hours will be torture and thought i could find a weak stop in what is said to i don’t know, keep myself content i guess lol :laughing: :blush:


I mean the point of fasting for Muslims at least is to feel what those who suffer from hunger feel. Vaping doesn’t make me full in anyway but it does calm me down (nicotine addition), otherwise i am whispering profanities to myself when anything doesn’t go right which is worse as that does break your fast…The point is to keep your mind, soul, ears and mouth clean of anything considered ‘dirty’ this includes gossiping. Then again i know the majority of my Muslim youth community get by fasting by staying up all night, sleeping all day, partying all weekend (although staying away from alcohol), women suddenly wear the hijab (scarf) and everyone is super ‘religious’. It is said that this month makes up for a lot of sin so people tend to be ‘good’ for a month and do whatever for the rest, but then again i am not judging this is just the opinion of many very judgmental Muslims and everyone is entitled to do as they will so as long as they don’t hurt others… :blush:


Wow thanks for that i didn’t expect such a good reply lol. I mean i won’t lie i am looking for a loop hole to keep my addition and my emotions in check while still doing a good deed, but we will see i have to so some very critical thinking about this :thinking: :laughing:


Yes, it definitely helps suppress hunger! And of course withdrawal is stressful - and I always find I stress eat more when I quit too, which is not ideal for you! I think you just have to do whats right for you :blush:


A couple of guys I used to work would switch to night shift during fasting, as they found it so much easier.


Hmmm, this is a good question. If the purpose is to feel the hunger of those less fortunate and the vape suppresses your appetite, I would ask yourself if this still meets your goal of the fast? If not, could you lengthen the time between uses? My understanding of religious fasting is to feel discomfort as those without feel. In this case, anything that would suppress the appetite would go against the purpose.

As @jan_TheGreenWitch stated so well, you need to understand your reason for fasting and if vaping contradicts your reason. Then be steadfast in your beliefs. Know that you are meeting your beliefs and don’t worry what others think.


I’m not familiar enough with your religion to make any judgment calls.
But anything can be done too extreme. If the point is 'to keep your mind, soul, ears, and mouth clean. That’s almost impossible. Air is so polluted as to be considered really dirty. But without air, you die…
You could argue round and round. The choice is yours love.


We can both agree on that :blush:


I wish i even had a job at this point. I have been applying, even did an interview but nothing yet. I even lowered my expectations just to make it easier and did a spell but i think these things take time. I have hope when the right one comes along it will at the right time… :blush:


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