Can someone explain these cards…

I bought these cards online as I felt particularly drawn to them…unfortunately they did not come with a guide book.
I’m not really sure HOW these cards are supposed to be read.



I found this description on Amazon from the seller:

Super intuitive and easy to understand! These message oracle cards are easy to understand with your intuition and you do not need a guidebook to check again. For a quick Oracle reading, you can just ask a question and pick one or more cards up from the 40-card deck. You can also use cards with charms, and other oracle decks, or use them as clarifiers for Tarot to get more in-depth card readings.

:roll_eyes: I don’t think this description is very helpful…

Where did you buy these? Have you contacted the seller, maybe there’s a pdf for this deck.

I’m looking forward to seeing responses from other members.

Lots of love :pink_heart: dear one!


I’m not sure how best to say this, but I believe this deck was created to try and confuse people. Hopefully I can explain this properly… :sweat_smile:

First, the deck itself says the cards are heart-shaped. They are not. Second, the deck is on Amazon, Etsy, etc. for more than $20 but it’s on AliExpress (like Wish where lots of things are knock-offs and not great quality) for about $11.

Then I also found this when I went searching.

In this deck, the cards are actually heart-shaped. The names of the decks are the same. Everything is similar expect the cards. The difference is this one is published by a big-name brand - Llewellyn and Blue Angel Publishing.

If I were you, I would get a refund for the cards you purchased, especially if there are no instructions to use them. They don’t look very intuitive at all and I wouldn’t even know how a card like “I cry at night” would answer a question.


I was definitely confused when I first saw the cards. :woman_shrugging:
Maybe the deck could work for simple questions such as “does he/she/they miss me?” If you draw “I cry at night”, that could be interpreted as a “yes”. But who knows? It could be a cry of relief. :sweat_smile:
Guidebooks are a must to understand the meaning of the cards and how they can apply to your situation!


These cards are meant to be used, I believe, as if you’re intuiting a lover’s (eg 'he said-she said) relationship.
These types of cards are often used by professional readers when they attempt to predict viewers love life.
What’s important is that you felt compelled to buy them. Which would tell me that, on some level, you already know how to use them, but maybe you’re just uncertain of your own ability.


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