Can someone please help me find my patron

I have been running up the snow trying to figure out which deity to worship. I’m literally going crazy looking for a sign please help I’ve researched soo many ways to contact and connect I’m just not sure what to do. Please forgive me for my ignorance on this subject I just really need help.


I started with the God & Goddess and learned about different deities that interested me. On the Spells8 daily routine tab, they suggest deities based on the day of the week, so I would read and research them. I connected with the Celtic Goddess Brigid and I work with her. I still speak to the God & Goddess each day depending on what is going on outside. I talk to the moon & I always thank the sun so I have little chats about my day. I invoke Brigid when I do any spell work because I loved learning about her. It takes time, but meditation helps also as well as researching any that you come across. Slow down and it will happen.

By the way, I am Krissie from Cape Cod. Everyone here is very friendly and supportive and I’m sure that someone will also speak about their experiences or any suggestions that they may have. Any time you have any questions, feel free to ask. Someone will answer you as soon as they can.


Welcome to the community @cato! You can find some great information on Finding your Deity here. But it’s a very personal thing. I haven’t found a specific God or Goddess to follow other than the Lord and Lady. It’s all up to you, be gentle with yourself.

Hope this helps!


As stated above, you don’t need to find a deity right away! And following Krissie’s idea, try to meditate and ask for any deities to come to you and show themselves or any of their symbols.

It can take some time but they will show up (the next day, or in a dream, or in a random place). Keep a journal, write down what you see and continue to do research.

Some other topics to read about finding your deity:


Or find out what you cherish most or something that sticks out to you more that deals with your spell working. Then, find out if a god/goddess is associated with that sentiment. I do hope you find one when the time is right. :blush:


A very warm welcome to you, @cato! :heart:

This is a wonderful question- you aren’t alone in your quest to connect with a diety. Others have given you some great advice and guidance, so I will just add my voice and agree that there is no rush at all- take your time and explore the many dieties out there :grin:

There are no rules saying you have to find one diety and worship only them forever- the great thing about the craft is the freedom it offers you :dove: I would recommend exploring the various pantheons and continuing your research :open_book:

You may consider invoking different deities for different spells (doing the Daily Devotional like Krissie suggested) and might want to look through the previous Deity Challenge offering additional tips for finding a deity to work with.

Good luck and enjoy the search! Blessed be :sparkles:


Thankyou all soo much I’m soo blessed for everyone’s wisdom it’s such a relief :sweat_smile: I’m going to try each one collectively they all resonate with me thankyou soo much for taking the time to help further my journey
Blessed be everyone
Love and light
Sincerely Cato


You are very welcome, @Cato!

Have fun learning- I hope you have a lovely time on your quest to connect with a deity (or deities!) :grin:

Feel free to keep us updated- and definitely reach out if you come across an interesting God or Goddess as you explore! I am always excited to learn about new deities :sparkles:

Good luck and Blessed be! :heart:


Hi Cato, welcome to the forum. I haven’t connected to any particular patron deity, but I tend to focus on the God and Goddess at this point. I couldn’t help but notice that you said you were running around in the snow… looking for signs… I wonder if you were drawn to the activity by your deity?


A product of Norse mythology, he’s been dubbed the God of Snow, Patron Saint of Skiers, the son of Sif and stepson of Thor, the God of Thunder. Cold-loving, bow-wielding Ullr (pronounced Oool-er) is said to be an expert skater, skier and hunter who would glide around the world and cover the land with snow.


Here’s how, it isn’t easy. Start off with fasting and meditation. Don’t meditate on Deity, Meditate to clear your mind. Also, fast for as long as you can. Drink nothing but water, preferably distilled water. Try to Fast at least twenty four hours.
When you’re ready, draw a bath with water so hot you can barely stand it but not hot enough to scald you. In the bathroom have a single candle burning and Sandalwood incense burning. Also have a large portable mirror.
Also have two glasses of cold water.
When ready, light the candle and incense, turn off the light. Get into the water, drink the first glass of water. Soak and Meditate. Clear your mind as best you can. When you feel the water is noticeably cooler, drink the second glass of water.
Get out of the Tub, crawl over to the mirror, wipe it off, your deity will reveal themselves to you in the reflection by candle light.
Try not to be afraid.


You are very welcome! If you need help with anything or have any more questions, please feel free to ask. I hope to speak with you again soon!


You’re welcome @cato. Just remember that it’s the journey that’s important. Good luck!


Welcome Cato!

Everyone here has given great suggestions and I’d just like to add my voice in agreement. Finding a deity isn’t necessarily something you need to do, especially right off the bat. I tend to take it slow, research what interests me, and go from there. I’d also like to point out a video I made on my YouTube channel in regard to deities, polytheism, and approaching them with respect.

You’ve come to a great place to ask questions and get advice. There are people from all walks of life here, and most of us are all walking different paths now, too :heart: I hope you find the answers you’re looking for!


Welcome! My advice would be to just try your best to exercise patience. In my experience, sometimes a divine will choose you and not the other way around. Also, I don’t like the word worship much and prefer to see the divines I work with as being on equal footing with me. That’s not to say they are not very powerful!
Take your time, do some research, and eventually you’ll find a divine that feels at home with you, or he/she will find you!
Don’t give up! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome- the god of snow and patron saint of skiers sounds like a wonderful wintertime diety! :skier: :blush: