Can spells be cast effectively during the day of a full moon?

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How wonderful to have found Spells8 as I start my journey. I live in a household of 5 people from whom I have to hide my beliefs. I am unable to cast or formally celebrate the moon at night without giving myself away. During the day the house is empty and I am free to perform any ritual. Is it possible to cast and harness the power of the moon effectively during the day of a full moon?


Welcome @Trixie_Thojrne! I am Ostara from Texas. I started my journey 11 months ago and have learned so much. Most of the time I do my full moon rituals during the day. When it’s daylight savings time in the summer, it doesn’t get dark until late and I’ m and early riser so I go to bed sometimes when the sun is still up. Sometimes I do them at 5 am. My beliefs are you can harness the power of the full moon the 3 days or nights of the full moon. If I’m wrong, someone will let me know!


You can cast your full moon spells during the day. You might want to do moon water at night but technically the moon is full during the day. (I do my moon water during the New Moon but that is another topic!) The time some people avoid spell work is when the moon is void of course or between astrological signs and that Is happening today between 5:30 pm and fifteen minutes after midnight. But I don’t really pay attention to void of course. Maybe I should, it’s just a lot to keep up with :slight_smile: Some people believe spells cast during certain times of the day are more powerful. But I agree with you that the right time to cast a spell is when you have the most privacy and for me, energy. I am more of a morning person myself!


Merry meet @Trixie_Thojrne and welcome! :heart:

I’m with Ostara and Mary on this one- just because we can’t see the moon doesn’t mean it’s not there! I think it is completely fine to cast full moon spells during the day.

I would just suggest you make your intention for moon magick and working with the moon very clear (stating the full moon in your spell, meditating on it, etc) to avoid any influence from the sun (solar magick is powerful too!), although this is just a personal thing I do in my own practice- you may feel it is not necessary, which is also fine. When it comes to magick, trust your intuition! :mage: :sparkles:

Wishing you all the best- blessed moon magick! :full_moon_with_face:


@Trixie_Thojrne yes!!! Yes yes yes!!!

Work with the moon anytime you wish just set your intention!! And, think about working with the sun maybe too!!! :white_heart:


Just hopping in here to say that I agree with everyone else here :sweat_smile: I know there are a few of us that prefer to do spellwork during the day for one reason or another. As @BryWisteria said – just because you can’t see the moon during the day doesn’t mean it’s not there!


Thank you for your post. I’ve been blessed with a very open spouse but I still like to keep my practice mainly private. Magic is powerful, but can disappear in the case of distraction or doubt. “We keep our magic pressed tightly to our chest to embolden the mercurial power within.” I love Spells8 because I’m learning how to incorporate my practice in the everyday. My morning tea, meditation, lighting a candle for the day…just some things you can do in knowing without revealing yourself.


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