Can you stregthening the Bayleaf Spell?

I’m not sure where to post question(s) so please direct me where to go.

1.) If the spell / ritual reads that a candle should be snuffed out can you blow the candle out or do you have to snuff it out?

2.) In the ‘Bay Leaf Spell’ I have relite the pink candle nightly and continue to meditate on the same wish that I wrote on the bay leaf. I guess I am trying to strengthen my wish with each day I meditate. Today the candle finished and burned clean. Can I continue my daily meditation with a new pink candle? I understand I should wait about 30 days to repeat the spell. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


I am facing the same situation with a green candle that I am meditating with for 7 days -this is day 6 and I don’t think my existing candle is going to make it. I am wondering also if I can light a new one to continue. Sorry this doesn’t help you…but hopefully someone can help BOTH of us! :snowflake:


I believe you can blow out a candle rather than snuff it. That’s personal preference, though - go with your intuition on that one.

I don’t think it could hurt at all. I do think that waiting 30 days to recast the spell is a good idea, too. It gives time for the spell to work, but it also gives you time to see if the spell has worked and notice any signs out in the world!

haha yes you can! :clap: Same answer as above :point_up:


I feel meditating on it regularly is a good way to strengthen it, remembering to use the present form (“I have…” or “I’m becoming…” ) to affirm that the spell is already bringing you what you desire. :sparkling_heart:


I can always count on the coven members for quick, thoughtful answers! Thank-you @MeganB and @CelestiaMoon :snowflake:


Thank you - good point I keep forgetting to think and talk as the wish has been granted.


You’re welcome loves, I’m glad it was helpful to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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