Candle weirdness😯

So I know that candle magic is a thing and typically I light mine to stay grounded and meditate throughout the day💙 however, my blue candle is has specks at the bottom as its burning away. I feel like it means something but I am not sure. It’s strange to me. Anyone know why this happens other then wax and melting scenario.???


That’s an interesting pattern!

The non-magickal answer first:

“The spots are caused by shrinkage and air bubbles that occur as the wax is cooling inside the container. Part of the wax pulls away from the glassware and sticks to the container giving it this particular look.” - Source

The Ceromantic Answer

Ceromancy is divination by wax. :candle: One way to perform this type of divination is trying to identify the shape and its meaning.

It’s recommended that you do this exercise on your own because the meaning will relate to you or your current situation.

Open your journal or book of mirrors and as you look at the candle, write down anything you see without judging it (free association).

Once you have a few objects, symbols or ideas written down, try to analyze what each thing means to you. A few divination ideas:

  • A group of equal marks could mean a group of people (e.g. friends, family, coworkers).
  • All the specks being equal can be a sign of balance or harmony.
  • If they are pointing out, it’s a symbol of protection or encouragement.
  • If they are pointing in, it may signal blame or criticism.

From my perspective, I can also see a set of teeth (inner strength, changes, fear) or a big smile (approval, optimism).

Look around the candle and see if you identify any of these symbols or if you can come up with your own! This will help you strengthen your divination skills as you take the time and find the hidden meanings :muscle:


Thank you and I definitely took the time to look into it. I have been doing major ancestral work. That may have been them smiling once again​:heart::heart::heart:

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Debris in the wax signifies unintended consequences or work that will need to be done after the spell is complete. Guilt, broken hearts, karmic baggage, new hassles, and so on. Usually it’s not super-serious—but not fun, either. Proceed with the working, but be ready to do some clean-up afterwards.

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